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Ouch Suzie... I shuddered.


Liz I have techno issues just now so can't take photos, I need to sort it but hate trouble shooting. Imagine the sewing bee on Monday eve and the 60's block dress..thats it only a cardigan in grey beige and lilac..others I'm struggling to describe.


Rain just started here, where is summer I need my vitamin D.


Just watching local news..the lovely MP shot.. politics aside what is happening? I shed tears earlier..a young mum. .


Hope everyone being crafty

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Hello. :) Feeling a bit achy from sewing most of the day. I've been making a camisole style nightie with stretch lace trim. Just the hem to do now. :)


Our local craft shops (there's 3 in my town all run by the same family) are having a 25% off sale so I had a good splurge on materials and trims yesterday to get out the house. :)


Have a good evening all. :)

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Its been miserable most of the day after having rained early on this morning. Its now raining  :( my lucky neighbours are in Italy - this is their 2nd week and have another to go. Lucky them own a house over there.


It will be knitting for me tonight as I promised my bestie I would finish something she started.  Haven't done any for a while but she now asks if I can have it ready by thursday as she is going away and wants to take it.


Shouldn't be a problem.  It starts of with 110 sts and decreases 2 sts every RS row. Means once I get a few rows done and the sts go down I will knit it up a bit quicker iykwim.


ElizaI have or possibly had an adult and childrens pattern for knitting a cardigan with blocks of colour similar to the dress but no black inbetween.


Su2ie ouch  :o  :wacko: did you say when wedding is or are you keeping date to yourself?


Tracey I hope its dry tomorrow so I can get my washing done.  Did you get any rain?


Linda how exciting getting a new car. Do you drive or is it just John?  I saw the sewing prog today. Hope you manage to get a bit more of wedding things done.


K&F the sale was definitely a good excuse to get out of the house. Hope you have a nice rest this evening and feel better in the morning


Off to put the tea out 


Have a lovely evening ladies

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Evening All. 😄

No rain here until about 4ish, so had a potter in the garden for a while. 🌹 🌼 Am having a knitty evening. Just enjoying a glas of wine too.....and going to check out what's on TV.


Have a lovely evening everyone. x

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hello again , it's still raining, I decided to change bed linen this afternoon as it was annoying me, but forecast for tomorrow is rain too, so seems like it's indoor drying


Been out for fish and chips this evening at well known pub chain, home and sat now with a cuppa and embroidery, fed up of all this football on tv


Hope your techno issues are resolved soon Eliza, I enjoy the inspiration your work gives me


Denise hope is your beasties keeping these days, your kind to finish her WIP


K&f hope you feel better tomorrow , it's fab to have 3 craft shops in town


Tracey enjoy your weekend, and wine and knitting, how is jays shingles


How's the car Linda? Have you collected it?

Enjoy your evening everyone

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