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Middle of the week wednesday

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Afternoon ladies. I am surprised that I'm first on here today. Hope you all just full of busy and not unwell.


Been having a sort out in preparation for next (not this) week-end decorating splurge in my bedroom.  Amazing what rubbish you find and think - why on earth have I kept that -  :lol:


Also sorted out all the charity makes me and the ladies from my knitting group have made and bagged them up ready to post off. Although the knitting club has ended we still keep in touch and continue making things. This time a total of 263 items  :)


I'm busy making some large crochet squares for one of their Christmas projects. The charity's admin team are joining large squares for shawls and are going to edge them. These will be given to elderly folk to keep them warm.


Have a lovely day


Take care 

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Afternoon Denise and all who follow


I have been out all morning with Ruth and I am just home

everyone else must be occupied


Heavy rain here it's so miserable, quite misty too, think it's a day for crafting


I was just thinking about your knitting club Denise you always used to mention it, sorry to hear it has stopped


I will pop on later to see if anyone else has dropped by

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Liz we finished last November when I first had problems with my PMR plus a lot of the other ladies were older and had their own health problems or they didn't like coming out and going home in the dark.  We were down to only 6 members , including me from about 30 and started about 26 / 27 years ago.


It was agreed by all to stop meeting but to continue making things and we meet up for a chat every couple of months.


We've had what DH calls pretend rain - the fine misty stuff  :lol: it seems to have stopped now.


Off to do the tea then continue with the hook later.



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still heavy rain here Denise, one of the dogs refuses to go out, fortunately she has great bladder control

I thought you were just unable to go to knitting club because of your health didn't realise it had finished, that's a pity as it's great company for the elderly


Where is everyone today? Hope everyone is ok

Off to make the tea then embroidery bbl

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