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Another wet Monday

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On my jacket going to make the arm holes another four rows to do, trouble is the rows have over 260 stitches and counting.


Your jumper will grow quick when you get back to it Lisa, is it stripes all the way, and what machine do you have, I have a silver line chunky machine.


Get the curtain up Su2ie and feel at peace, they are not worth bothering about. I hope DF is getting better is it still blood pressure seems he is the worrying type I think yoga would do him good or even acupuncture. Great ways of relaxing.


We are having rain showers and hoping that i t doesn't disturbe tennis at queens, west London.


I must get on with dinner, John has just made a chunky currant cake it's light and really great tasting.

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A very wet and miserable day  :(  but coming on here and reading all your chatter and seeing pics of your work cheers me up  :)


Eliza all your lovely ideas and WIP sound lovely


K&F hope you manage to get through work today. Perhaps a  lie down when you get home for a little nap might perk you up a bit.


Su2ie did the cat get any glitter on itself


Lisa I find a cuppa helps spur me on - you might get stuck in then to doing more of jumper and I'm sure you'll soon get it finished


Linda jacket looking amazing and I love the colour. 


Bit hooky for me tonight after I have done some de-creasing. The wet weather affected getting washing done but got a small pile to do.


Have a lovely evening

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Woah, I've just made a mega rose! Changed the pattern slightly and ended up with a whopper!


Linda DF has been diagnosed with IBS but we all know what men are like with illnesses Good luck with your armholes 260 stitches?!!!


Goose glad the forum cheered you up! I think our cat moved too fast to get glittered but it would have been funny!


Lisa lovely fur babies :)


Night night all x

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Hi ladies me late again I seem to be either busy or maybe I am just so slow it takes me all day to do things

It's been a beautiful day here up to 18degrees at its hottest


Linda a very unusual crochet top is it all done in a circle

What is the rest of your outfit like


Happy dogs Lisa , how are you and your mum doing these days


Su2ie can we see your whopper rose, what you going to use it for, your bouquet


Eliza you are always full of ideas , did I miss seeing the fairy you were doing, I can't keep up with you


Denise pity you have had rain can you please be kind and send it down country not in my direction lol, did you choose colour scheme for your bedroom yet


k&f sorry to hear you are struggling still, I know what it feels like to be without sleep, I waken almost every hour during the night and take ages to get back to sleep


Guess it's time to say goodnight everyone

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Liz bottom half of walls white (paper has a raised abstract lined pattern) top half a pale lilac with large white flowers and border has big deep purple roses on.


Bedtime to have a bit read.


Hope you all sleep well



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