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a royal sunday

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Though very little going on in our village, very unusal, I think everyone is too busy getting ready for our community textile weekend in a couple of weeks,


yesterday on catch up I watched the full Trooping the Colour, said for years one day I will, so yesterday I did, while knitting. Can't say I was over keen on the Queens florescent green, although she was definitely visible, , Little prince George, how cute and typical toddler, I though all the behind scenes coverage was interesting, wash your bearskin as you would your hair in a good quality shampoo,, hope thry rinse them well, can vision a rainy parade and bubbles on bearskins.


Leeds itself has been busy getting ready for the Triathlon, it's on BBC2 later today so I will be watching while knitting.


hubby is glued to football, I'm not a big football fan, sad to see all the trouble.


I'm having techno tablet issues this morning, so far 2 freezes and had to force shut down, my phone is charging and main computer is in upstairs study.


going to post this as worried it may crash again


be crafty


I was looking in m..s. yesterday at the lunch bits on sale from the patrons lunch, I would love one of the hampers to store craft things in, or even more, all lined up on craft room shelves, what sad things I crave, my friend works there, told her to shout if they sell any on cheaper price.

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Morning Eliza and everyone else, we have had two days of horrendous rain with lots of flooding and more rain forecast for today. We had to move everything off the floor at work just incase but touch wood we are ok although the road outside was ankle deep in water.

I'm having a lazy Sunday catching up with all the bits of sewing and knitting need to finish.


Eliza I'm glad I'm not the only one who didn't like the colour of the queens outfit, I recorded the trouping of the colour and watched later wizzing through the bits I didn't want to see. Yes George is sweet but couldn't help thinking if it was Leah stood there she would have climbed onto the balcony top lol. You made me chuckle at the thought of a bubbly bearskin hat in wet weather.


Liz I have pm'd you with the ugg boot details.


I love everyone's makes, Lisa you are steeming ahead with your boxes and candles they are lovely.



This is the road at work we are on the corner of it.


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Eliza - Love the visions I've had of bubbly bearskins on parade. 😂

I thought the Queens green outfit was different, and it actually grew on me the longer I watched! I guess it made a change from the usual colours the Queen generally wears. Certainly was a great colour for the crowds to spot her!! 😄

It's been lovely and quite sunny here over the last couple of days. However, it's raining quite heavily now, which is such a shame as there are several local street parties arranged for this afternoon. ☔ï¸

I've had a lovely knitty weekend.....well finishing off bits. Thought I only had three things to finish, but when I sorted out it was six. All done now though and just deciding what charity knit to make next. ðŸ˜

Have a lovely Sunday.....With lots of crafting. x

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Afternoon :)


I didn't see the trouping of the colours as we don't have normal channels (can't get the aerial to tune properly) but did see it years ago when on a trip with the Scouts to London :D


Been a busy day so far.  DF not well too so he's going to the out of hours docs later to be checked over.  Going well on my Wedding flowers, just need some green felt of a certain shade for the flower stalks but think I might get that tomorrow as the shop is on a busy retail park and a no go on a Sunday :blink:


Eliza hope you manage to sort out your techno problems.  Sometimes a complete shutdown and restart helps.  DF was glued to the footie last night too on his computer.  What a pity it was a draw as England played really well.  Terrible with the violence though :(


Suzy your flooding looks terrible!  We've had buckets of rain but thankfully no flooding.  Hope today improves!


Tracey hope your weather improves too for the street parties.  Have fun sorting your six projects.  I'm almost afraid to find out how many I have on the go :lol:


Right best get the ironing board out and tackle the school uniforms etc.  At least its a bit cooler today for it.


Have a good day folks x

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Its been raining overnight and earlier on this morning but seems to have stopped now - fingers crossed.


DIL and Sophie off out for the day. Her friends have finished their university course and are going back home to Vietnam.  They are all meeting at another friends house for a farewell party.


My sister will still be coming for dinner.


As usual on a sunday no crafting until later on in the day.


Eliza enjoy the Triathlon and your knitting


Suzy enjoy your lazy sunday


Tracey think we are all guilty of having a few WIP's on the go at any one time  

Susie hope DF feels better soon


Have a lovely day everyone


Take care

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hello everyone. 


I hope no one is too affected by the flooding there and it all dries up and you get the sun back. Here it's threatening a small storm around tea time but other than that it's sweltering 90sF for me. I don't have much planned, my husband has to go on a course for a few days so I'm going to iron his clothes and help him pack. No one is cooking, we had roast chicken yesterday so leftovers with salad and some fresh bread today. 


Actually I do have gerberas LInda I really like them and buy them every year, I can't get them to last longer though because it gets too hot for them. Last year I kept one the whole summer and that was a first, this year I bought three, one has died already, the other two are doing well though, one is enjoying being shaded by a plant I only know as elephant ears, just great big leaves. I've tried bringing them in the house but it gets too humid, in the windows they scorch and out of the windows not enough sun, the bathroom is just right as far as sun goes but no air conditioning so it gets too hot. I have three african violets in the bathroom that are surviving and sometimes put out flowers but I think they need repotting and i'm worried about doing it because I know they like to be a bit pot bound and don't like a big pot. I bought some just 1 inch wider but I haven't found one as short as the ones they are in so I'm worried that with the extra width and depth it will be too much of a change for them. Any tips will be appreciated.


I quite liked the colour the Queen was wearing even if it was Kermit the frog green :D, it was her day and she should have stood out and if you can't get away with that colour when you're 90 when can you. It reminds me of that poem, when I am old I shall wear purple..... :D Good for her I say.


I have my fingers crossed for your craft hampers getting a sudden sale Eliza :)


My daughter told me one of her friends from England was posting pictures of a road we used to live by that looked like that KQ, hope it doesn't cause you too much trouble.


Great job getting all your WIP's finished Tracey, enjoy your knitting, I do hope the rain clears for those parties.


I hope DF is feeling better soon, maybe the doctor will give him something that works a bit better. I remember my mom being quite ill with it and someone telling her that the good medicine is quite expensive and that most doctors prescribe one that doesn't work as well first. That was years ago but I wonder if it's still the case.


Enjoy your family day Goose, and your crafting later on.


I'm going to cautiously water the roots of a few plants so the sun doesn't dry them too much, have to watch the leaves though or they scorch. 


Not a very good picture but this is my old deck that leads onto the new deck, with some of my flowers, I only tend to the pots and my husband does the garden for the most part because of my leg but I have to admit I buy more pots each year ;)





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