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It's good you are getting out and about Sarah, I hope the strimmer /edger is what you want. Will you be seeing any Amish gourds on your journey or even Amish quilts, have a good time.


Su2ie the scarfe is knitted with cable cross overs are you talking about chain crochet, I have put a pic on work in progress needles thread.


It's time for dinner having a turkey salad.

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Hi everyone,

Having a bad day with hay fever today so feeling yuk

runny eyes , nose and sneezes, I do take antihistamines, but it's out of control today


Anymore wedding flowers done Su2ie, hope you got your net curtain sewn before work


Your garden sounds lovely Eliza, I love shabby chic

Hope food shopping went smoothly


We have been out to collect prescription s and had lunch whilst in town, now back indoors hiding from pollen


Linda how is wedding quilt getting on, I will pop over to see your crochet thread


Lisa not read your post yet it will be merged once Denise pops on


Enjoy your trip Sarah it's a long journey in one day . Hope trimmer is good


I am away to nap as exhausted sneezing bbl

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Afternoon. 😄

Jay took me out for lunch today, which was a lovely surprise. We went to a pub in Epping Forest which is only about a 20ish minute drive from home. It was lovely. Really sunny. We had fish and chips.....And yes, I had a glass of wine with mine. 🷠Perfect. 😄

Home now and about to get on with some knitting and a cuppa. 😊

Have a lovely afternoon/evening everyone. x

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Sorry its a bit late for popping in but been rather busy.  Posts now merged Lisa and Eliza.


Seems like everyone else has been full of busy

Eliza with lots of ideas and WIP's  - Lisa and the new embroidery machine - Linda and her body wrap scarf - Sara out and about and a promise of breakfast - Su2ie and kitchen curtain - Liz with hay fever poor you.


Finished my squares blanket so will be starting a new mohair one tonight - will keep a homeless person warm.


Have a lovely evening everyone 

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