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Morning crafters


Rain now although still warm..yesterday turned into another hot day...we got all the bushes cut and bagged in easy stages.


Easy day today..a trip to food shop but don't need much then some patching..I pulled out the hexy quilt yesterday and I'm enjoying doing it..I seem to have a few makes on the go but all very different and tidy when I'm not working on them but not so tidy I forget about them and this seems to be working.


Sarah I love your craft storage .. I have all textile stash in our guest room..some in cupboards..some on open shelves but not as easy to see or get to as yours is..dare I admit to enlarging the photo on screen and having a looking into the boxes. .you have a shop. Jealous here. I'd have to take about 20 photos to show all mine and I thought I was organised..it's one bit here.. another there..fabric overflowing the box so the lid won't go on..embarressed now. Need to stash bust and tidy again.


I am thinking of making a quilt from a real mix of fabrics to throw on garden swing ..I also have a couple of garden cushions that need recovering.. one day maybe..our garden is quite eclectic these days..I had lots of bits in old conservatory that had no home so I put them in the garden. .a china cup and saucer by the pond. .wood parrots hung.. windchimes and candle holders everywhere.. they were all bits that had got taken into conservstory as too tatty for other rooms but I had that quirky and shabby so now I have a shabby chic garden.


I've rambled again....hope you all have a good day.

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Good morning ladies woo hoo it's Friday lay in day tomorrow.grafty nannie cheating really I made it on my embroidery machine found a great American web site to by designs from.school run this morning then hoping to get back got a bonfire club jumper to make on the knitting machine today.hope everyone is ok and have a fabulous Friday.lisa xx

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Good morning all another lovely day, watching Debbie shore now making clothes, as I have just finished crocheting a teddy hungry blanket. It is posted on the finished crochet thread.


Now I can carry on with the body wrap scarfe. ELISA that's a good idea to have ufos tidy to pull out when in the mood to do that craft. I like ufos as they are half finished and you can go back to them in the right mood and finish off quickly. My ufos are all over the place so must tidy them together.


Lisa, goose being a moderator will merge your thread over to hear. She is the only one to do it.


Well I am off to post my finished project, I have a zebra hug guy, and a monkey hug guy to make for the craft stall at Christmas.

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Hello all,

Quick one from me today because I'm supposed to be getting ready to go out. We are going to Pennsylvania today which is a 4 hour drive one way. Along the way we are stopping off because my husband saw a garden edger/strimmer that was a really good professional make going for just $45 on Craigs list. I called the guy and he said he would hold it for us. We have had such a lot of bother with the normal ones you get at the DIY store, this one is for professional use so maybe it will be better. The man was so nice, he said he was retired and lives in a little out of the way farmhouse. He said if we were there early enough he'd cook breakfast :D ... 


Eliza, I have to admit my fabric stash is not on the shelf unit, that is partly in another cupboard, also on low level bookcase, also in the closet hung on tiered coathangers for hanging multiple trousers on, also in some big fabric bins ... pretty much anywhere I can get it. The shelves only holds smaller stuff, inks stamps, ribbons, well some of them, paper crafting things, strings, cords, leather lace sugar crafting items.... the list goes on. 


Have a good day everyone, i'm running late now :D :D

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Morning :)


Been out and about on chores this morning.  Got some extra net curtain hooks too for the "hems" to dangle beneath my nets :D Will get the sewing machine out shortly and hopefully do a bit of sewing before I go to work.


Yesterday Alex visited a mosque on a school trip (they've already visited a church).  Bless her she was disappointed because she thought moths and mini beasts lived in mosques and she was so looking forward to seeing them!!!


Eliza well done on all the bush sorting :) Your garden sounds unique too.

Lisa hope the school run went smoothly!  Always a lot of traffic for ours...

Linda I think I know which body wrap scarf you mean.  If so I chained up for that but the chain was sooooo long I got bored :lol:

Sara hope you manage to get the trimmer and enjoy Pennsylvania B)


Right best get on!

Have a great day folks x


Ps no break in the weather here and they promised rain all week on the weather reports!  Still baking...

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