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Morning crafters


Feels a bit cooler today. This afternoon we are helping my cousin do her garden. She's been trying herself but too much..4 creaking people to do a job..my hubby will do the main work.. her and I will bag the rubbish and her hubby is cooking for us . He had a massive heart op just before she started chemo


I've an idea bubbling for a new cushion using fat quarters I bought that match my new curtains. .I've not assembled the cushion I embroiderd yet but as that room still has walls to move.


Trying to remember what was said yesterday but sorry. I fell asleep in chair about 8.00 then woke and came to bed..this heat is draining. I had s real bad headache which started on bus home..okay now


Off to face the day. Hope you all have s good one.

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Morning :)


Wasn't able to get on yesterday as I was here there and everywhere!  Two of my old dining chairs have a home at my parent's house now & I stayed and had a cuppa with my dad.


Eliza I hope the weather stays cooler for you & your gardening exploits today!

Goose thanks for the pattern link - its a beautiful rose.


I didn't get  chance to do any flowers yesterday.  Need to tot up how many more I need to do!  I'm working over tonight so it's doubtful I'll have time once I'm home.  They had someone in to do health check on us yesterday and I seriously need to diet.  I've put on weight since I started work, probably helped by not being able to get out and exercise like I was before.  I've already cut out goat's butter and biscuits so I've decided to cut out on crisps too.


Anyhow have a great day folks.  I'd better get a wiggle on :P


Ps still getting strange stares from the one neighbour if we look out of the kitchen window.  It's like she's waiting for us to look down on her.  Makes you wonder how long she's watching us before we notice :wacko:  Need to get DF to put in the hooks for the net curtain...

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Morning All. 😀

The sun's made an appearance â›…ï¸ so I'm popping into the garden for a little tidy up, that won't take long.....then it's time for some knitting, followed by work this afternoon. 😊

Su2ie - Hope you get the curtain hooks up soon, so that you can solve the problem of the strange neighbour. 😳

Eliza - Sounds like great team work for the gardening today. And you never seem to run out of fab crafting ideas. 😄

Have a great day everyone. x

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Suzie I was going to say your neighbour must be watching you..I once had thst..our ex neighbour said I'm fed up of looking out of my landing window and seeing you stood at your kitchen window..I answered I wouldn't know I'm always too busy when I'm in the kitchen to notice what's going elsewhere. .she put a net curtain up I didn't ..

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DF has put the new toilet seat on and said his next job will be the hooks but not sure if that will be today. It doesn't help that when our velux window is open we become more visible because normally the frame cuts out the direct view. Means I will probably have to make some sort of detachable fringe at the bottom of the net to cover over the gap when the window is open as the net has to have wire on the bottom too due to the slope... I daren't look out of the window! I'm sure she's trying to melt me with her laser eyes LOL.


Eliza good answer to your neighbour. After a very bad experience and bullying from neighbours in the past I'm not going to speak to her unless she approaches me. Will just hide us from view...


Tracey hope the gardening is soon done and you can get out there with some knitting pronto


Keep crafting!

Edited by Su2ie

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Hello. Feeling relatively human today, yay! :D Been to work this morning (although I didn't get a thing done as I was in and out of meetings) and went for a short walk when I got in. :)


Su2ie, hope you get your nets up soon. Eeep, scary neighbours give me the willies! :o

Eliza, enjoy your time in the garden and don't overdo it - make sure you, um, test the sun loungers still work! ;)

Tracey, hope you had a lovely morning and work flies by for you this afternoon.


I'm doing some black jumper knitting in front of the telly. I'll walk to the postbox later and that's all I've got planned. :)

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