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Tropical Tuesday

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Another hot day then it breaks and we may get thundery showers today.


Loved sewing bee last night..won't give a spoiler Suzie. .I quite like Esme now I'm getting used to her.


My embroidery may work..not sure what I'm doing it for as it will just be a picture so guess I'm just playing.


Almost made my top from a sarong..it's just a loose fit T shape..have the neck to finish. .thought it would be cool to wear.


The dress I made for the wedding is longer than the pattern was..I don't want to wear tights ..they are uncomfy on my misshapen/damaged thigh..it's mid calf..would look better with a heeled shoe but ...Oh the joys.


Nice pink top posted yesterday..looked a good fit.


I pulled out another 2 sarong yesterday..may play around with them and I have the Liberty silk still to make. .I'm thinking a top and throw over loose jacket..too nice weather to sit in sewing..tomorrow we are meeting our son in York on his lunch break..takes 2 hours by bus to get there but it's a nice run..Thursday we are going to help my cousin garden..my hubby will do the hard work me and her will bag the waste and her hubby will cook a meal..he had a massive heart op last year..talk about team work all to do a job she would have done herself in a couple of hours this time last year.


Nearly lost this so posting now


Keep crafting and have a good day

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Morning :)


Eliza I'm with you on longer dresses!  I don't do heels either as they give me terrible foot pain.  Sounds like another busy week planned for you.  I love York but haven't been there for quite a few years...


Well I'm glad to say the girls' dresses have arrived and they're beautiful!  I was a bit worried about Ellie's with her being a bit big for her age but the dress is a good size.  They're a blue/green with pearls around the waistband and lots of flouncy skirts.


Today we are supposed to be changing the table again - DF wasn't feeling too good yesterday to do it.  Got to leave in 1/2 an hour though otherwise I'll be late for work as its about an hours round trip without the actual going into the shop.


I started some different roses last night, ones on stems from an LGC pattern.  I thought if I do a few each for the girls and tie them in ribbon that would look good.


Right best get on! 

Have a good day all and stay cool B)

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Morning su2ie and Eliza,


It's sunny then cloudy here, we don't have clear sky so hoping the sun wins

Not seen sewing bee I recorded it, today we are off to woods with dogs so I will embroider in car, then think it's the steak at wea********ns,


So glad girls dresses have arrived su2ie


You are busy Eliza doing makeovers hope embroidery is ok


Must go hubby ready for out bbl

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Morning all, hot and humid here I think we might be in for a thunder storm later, but washing out already I must do another load. I would love to see your dress ELISA you are clever making it. I am thinking about crocheting a shawl for over my out fit, but might just have a pashmina. I have bought my shoes and matching clutch bag.


Can we see the girls dresses or is that not a load yet Su2ie, I am glad you are happy with them


Liz isn't it a trial having to try on wedding outfits I did the same in Norfolk at the weekend. Looking for a jacket but gave up in the end just got my shoes and clutch bag.


We went for jades wedding dress fitting she looked lovely just the shoulders to alter and her dad bought her a veil she chose. We had hot sunny weather all weekend saw Star Wars the Jedi return had some lovely meals and went to church to hear her banns being read. A wonderful weekend.

I had my hair cut and blow dried this morning going to get in coloured and highlighted for the wedding soon. Bee what it looks like covering up the grey.


I am still persevering with the body wrap scarfe so shall do that later. Will talk again soon.

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Hello everyone, 


Nice to see some of you are getting nice weather, and those that don't have the sun just yet I hope it's on the way. It is hot and humid here but at least it's still high 20sC not in the 30s yet so I'm not complaining, I also get to make the most of my lovely deck my husband built last year, we put a gazebo on it and a fan affixed into the gazebo so it's a perfect place to take a break in the daytime and well into the evening. 


I don't have Alia this week so I"m hoping to catch up on the housework and move a few things around/have a clear out to make more room for Alia's things, which seem to be taking over. 


I ordered a new travel cot for her yesterday, apparently they are now called playards. which makes me laugh because Americans call their whole garden/property outside their house a yard, so to say this tiny little cot is a yard just so they don't call it a pen seems ridiculous. But they think pen sounds like they are caged in so yard it is. I hate to say but they are caged in :D 


I used to lay Alia down on my bed to sleep but now she is crawling and pulling herself up that's just not safe so I put her in her travel cot /playard but it was so heavy and difficult to fold up after using it and I didn't really have a good place to leave it up all the time in a part of the house that it was useful. Eventually my husband said lets just give up on that one and get a new one, it's still in perfect condition and it's a well known brand so pretty sure someone else will want the old one. The new one is supposed to be much easier to fold and about half the weight. 


You are always so busy Eliza I'd love to see the things you are making, you keep me inspired for when I get chance to do some sewing. 


Enjoy your embroidery in the car CN I hope you have nice weather for it and your meal out too.


Sounds like your wedding preperations are going well Suzie, I'm glad the girls dresses have arrived and fit well, things like that are always a worry, nice to have them and know that part is done. 


Your daughters wedding preparations seem to be coming along also Linda and sounds like you are having a busy week. 


I don't remember if I told you that I was trying to organise my family to do an 'Escape Room' it's a fun team based activity where you are in a 'locked' room (it's not really locked one door at least is unlocked for safety) but you have to solve puzzles in order to unlock the door and escape within 60 minutes. Well we did it in Saturday and actually managed to get out in the time limit, just about, we had 3 minutes left on the clock. It was a lot of fun and everyone in the team (we had another couple ask to join us to make 9 in total) contributed to solving the puzzles so no one felt left out. We are going to try their second room in a few weeks time.


Have a great day everyone 

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