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Hello. Wow what a brain melt of a day! So hot and tired. Made it through work, all 2.5hrs - doesn't sound much but it's my absolute limit. Came home and went straight to bed. Up again just before 4 to go to the Dr - he's referred me to a sleep specialist and they're going to redo my CFS blood tests, whoop! That has to be the most productive 10 mins of my year! :lol: :D


Looking forward to Sewing Bee tonight. I remember May was harsh like Esme to start with, then she calmed down as the series continued - I think Esme will be the same. They just want everyone to do well and get frustrated when they know they can do better. :)


I wore my new top to work today. No-one noticed so I'm taking it as a compliment that it looks good enough to be shop bought again. ;) I'll wait a few days before pinning pattern and cutting out the last one I'm planning. That stage exhausts me the most and takes a whole day with all the resting I have to build in.


Have a good evening all. :)

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What's all this talk about Sun burn and heat, we have 11degrees, and was miserable all weekend


My friend has gone home this evening and her energy was amazing I wish I could be as active, admittedly she has no health issues unlike me


Eliza I was like you with footwear trying to get comfortable shoes and then you end up with loads that were supposed to be the answer to everything


On the dress issue , I never wear dresses as I have plates in my ankle and leg so I like to cover it, a floor length dress was my idea but Ruth wants me dresses in knee length as you would for ascot, that's not me, I keep telling her I will be 70 before the wedding, not 42 as I was when her sister married


Looking forward to seeing the girls flowers su2ie and buttonholes, have their dresses arrived yet


I am sure your work that escaped the bin is really nice Eliza

Remember to post pics


Denise nice to hear about your lunch at Marina great weather by the sound of things


Suzy don't suffer all the heat alone send some up here lol

We never have your problem with heat, hope the air con is sorted for you tomorrow


Well embroidery for me this evening stay crafty

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Evening :)


I just got stung by a bee on the palm of my hand getting the washing off the top of the stairs outside the front door!  Blooming hurt!  Put lemon juice on it and couldn't find the stinger and most of the pain has gone now...


Anyhow I think I might have to do something a bit different with the girls flowers and I still have a few more buttonholes to make.  The dresses for the girls should arrive by 15th June :)  I was thinking of making them little voile bags to carry their confetti in :D


K&F love your top!  Good to hear you're getting somewhere with your treatment.


Suzy good call on sending everyone home due to the broken aircon.  They have massive fans at work but you can't feel them from our area and they're just pushing hot air around.  The management did apologise for the heat in the place.


Eliza I loved the scarf episode too.  Even DF watched it with us.  Will watch the latest on iPlayer soon.


Liz I'd welcome 11 degrees right now :lol:  Good luck with the continued dress search, don't blame you for wanting floor length!


Goose sounds lovely having lunch at a marina!  If I sit outside I try to get in the shade.  I'm not a sun lover...


Right best get on.  I wanted to look at some more rose patterns before bed.

Night night all x

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K&F lovely top I'm not really a pin k person but the material is lovely. Well done you.


Su2ie ooh a bee how dare it sting you


Bedtime for me so goodnight all

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