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What a lovely day yesterday..spent it sat in the garden and I'm hoping for a repeat performance today. ..although I did some embroidery which was NOT succesful..it is now filed under B for bin. Need to redesign


Got a lovely spray of flowers from our neighborugh as a thank you for looking after their house. We now have the key for house at other side of us.


I did a bit of crochet last night..fine cotton..just doing a few shapes which I will then join into mat or a cushion cover.. I'm not very good at crochet I think as my mind can't take in a pattern so it's hook and hope working.


Liz I have my outfit sorted for my nieces wedding but I don't like it..I tried dozens of dresses on and yuk..I think it's just I'm not a dress person..the outfit I have is now in my wardrobe and I will pull it out the night before I'm fed up of worring about it ..can understand your dilemma as mother of the bride.


Have a good day all..keep crafting.

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A quick hello from me, it's glorious here well it would be as I'm office bound all day. Our office manager took I'll last week and as Tim's away on holiday I'm left to look after things.


Hope you all have a good day x

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Morning 😊


Off to the tip for us this morning with a load of cardboard. They like it all to fit into a blue bag for collection so anything that won't fit won't be taken and we've got too much! Crochet wise I'm still working on the buttonholes and got to make something for the girls to carry too.


Eliza how disappointing with your embroidery. Hopefully today will go better for crafting?


Suzy hope the office isn't too stifling for you! Our office is warehouse sized but absolutely baking. You have to be directly under one of the blowers way up high for any benefit...


Right better get a wiggle on. We have a lot to achieve before I'm in work later.

Bye for now and keep on crafting 😋

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I have had to come in as too warm,  just been sorting out all info so hubby can claim his state pension, they don't make it easy do they? his claim pack hasn't arrived but thinking back I never got one?  I am dreading it as he has so much trouble with his nerves, we tried applying on-line but he needs to open an account and even that stressed him so we gave up.


I have just pulled my embroidery out of the bin and going to have a go at rescuing it, a splash of fabric paint here and there and then I will stitch a bit more, who knows?


Also I am doing a sewing bee challenge, making a top from an old sarong, left from the days when we holidayed in the sun, it's lovely fabric, not trying to be too clever though just a straight forward top with a sleeve shaped into body, I have been clearing my wardrobe, taken about 20 pair of nearly new shoes to charity shop, from when I started with arthritis, I kept buying new shoes thinking I may be able to wear these, I now fully understand what I can wear, although I have kept two pair I can't bear to part with, from our daughter and sons weddings.  daft but at least my wardrobe is 20 pairs lighter.


Right back to the info hunt for things the pension claim line may need. 


Keep crafting

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Hello again, yes it was just to hot in the office as the air con isn't working and the sun streems through the window all day. I sent everyone home at 2.30 and all quite happily took work with them both for this afternoon and tomorrow. The company who maintain the air con (at quite a cost) have promised to come out tomorrow and fix it after I had a ten minute rant at them this morning.

Good excuse for me to sit and finish some knitting and then I will work when it has cooled down tonight.


Suzie I love your bouquet, it will also be a nice keepsake along with the girls posies and df's buttonhole. What annoys me is that there is a minimum working temperature but not a maximal one, you will have to ask if you can have a fan on your desk.


Eliza I'm sending you a pm about claiming the state pension by phone, if your hubby is nervous I believe you can do it on his behalf. I loved the sewing bee chalange with the scarves and have been thinking what I could do with a vast collection I have, I'm making a dress out of one I made for myself in around 1965, it's all bright colour stripes along with some silver ones. I like the sewing bee but not keen on Esme, I preferred the other lady who seemed to have more positive encouraging remarks. Well done on taking the shoes to the charity shop, I'm not as brave as you and keep thinking I will wear some even though I bought them in the 1970's.


Tracey how is Jay? I asked my non mum what she used when she had shingles quite bad and she recommends a propolis cream which is what the bees line their hives with and is very sterile. Apparently it was like a miracle soothing the rash.


Denise I'm like you with hats (Disney do a hat that's 50 factor) in the sun and also slap on the 50plus suncream on little ones. Leah also has the safe sun swim suits for in the paddling pool (she calls it a piddling pool). When mine were little I used to make sure they had a t-shirt over the top of a swimsuit.


Back to my knitting and then decide what to have for dinner, my kitchen is in full sun now so it will be something quick.


Have a good evening x

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Afternoon its another belter gorgeous sun. Been out for lunch with friends. The place we go is in the middle of a marina so we get to see the boats and the river. 


After lunch we sat outside and needless to say we caught the sun. Don't know about my friends but I was protected.


More sewing my squares together tonight. Why is it things take longer (or seem to)  to sew together than actually to make  :huh:


Eliza  bet the discarded embroidery will look lovely when done. Well done on the decluttering.


Su2ie looking forward to seeing pics of buttonholes and whatever you make for the girls. They will all be lovely keepsakes


Suzy it is annoying no temp upper limit. I think that could have more effect on workers than the lower one.

I'm just pleased that Sophie will keep her hat on when she wears one.  


Sun still shining so going to sit in garden for a while sewing the squares.


Have a lovely evening everybody and hope for more sunshine tomorrow

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