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Hello..third time lucky..I keep losing posts.


Fun day here as my friend and I going to Wool Festival at Armley Mills Museum. .supposed to be biggest and best they have held. .we went first year and only one exhibitor..a lady spinning and a knit and nattering group. .this year over 20 exhibitors.


I hope everyone else has crafty plans.


Glad Sophie is better...Harry and DIL have been ill this week ..Sophia has avoided it so far so all fingers are crossed as she goes back to school Monday.


Bye for now..keeep crafting

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Morning all :)


Eliza sounds like you have a fun day ahead!  Hope your family are back to full health soon :)


I'm hoping my stamens arrive later otherwise it will be next week before I can finish off my bouquet.  Had a busy day yesterday running around everywhere and the girls had fun as I bought them new sandals and took them out to lunch.  DF fitted a ceiling fan light despite not being 100% but the LED bulbs I bought for it are way too bright despite only being 40 watt level so we've had to take 2 out otherwise you need sunglasses indoors!


Just been doing a bit of editing whilst the girls & DF are still asleep but honestly it's like pulling teeth!  I've managed 3 short paragraphs :ph34r: :lol:


Anyhow have a great day everyone & I'll be back later x

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Morning all, we are off soon thought I would look in before we go. Enjoy the wool fest ELISA and at least you have done a bit of editing Su2ie, hope you are in the mind set to do some more. with 8 books in the pipe line you need to catch every moment.


Will look back on here this evening have a good day.

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Hello. :) Still struggling but thought I'd say hi and worry about the rest of the day later. Who needs clothes and breakfast anyway?! :lol:


Eliza, have a fab day at the wool festival.

Su2ie, well done on the editing. It's definitely the hardest part. I'm going on a 1-day editing course in a couple of weeks.

Stakreem, have a lovely day wherever you're going.


My priorities today are washing, dressing and feeding myself. Anything on top of that will be a bonus. :)

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K n F..sorry to hear you are still weak..


Suzie have your stamens arrived.


The wool festival was really good.. didn't buy any garment yarn but did get lots of sample bits so spent a few pounds.. idea is to use on embroidery. .they had sheep. .alpacas. .clog dancing..lots of.different spinning wheels. .morris dancing..live music..a display on dyeing. .and wool wool and more wool ..lots of it hand spun, hand dyed..weaving demos.. loved it. Full of inspiration now although too tired.to do much.


Hope everyone is being crafty.

Edited by Eliza28

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Eliza - The wool fest sounded like great fun. Lots more ideas for you! 😀

Su2ie - Well done on your editing. 😀

Linda - Enjoy your trip. Relax and enjoy. 😊

K&F - Hope your days going well. 😀

I was in sort out mode this morning and sorted through my knitty stuff. Even found wool that I'd forgotten about tucked into the back of a cupboard. That was a lovely surprise. 😀

Have a lovely evening everyone. x

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