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Morning crafters.


The place taking the pom poms is based in one of the village disused woollen mills. . They get SCRAP given from companies ..stuff that would otherwise have gone to landfill. .it's massive. .anyone can go in and buy and they run childrens art and craft sessions..I've bought fabric from them..some of the poms are going up in a concert venue in same mill. It's a really good place..was once featured on Kirstie Allsop.


Fun night here..next doors alarm went off and they are in Australia ..we have a key..in pj's and coat..key in lock and it jammed..eventually we got in..switched alarm off then couldn't relock.. not one single person came out of their house..shows how much notice people take. .we did manage after a struggle and a squirt of oil..


A day of cleaning..sewing..catch up with crafty friend and daughter to tea..her hubby is working away and she's going for her hair cut straight from work to hairdresser near here. Will also check next door in daylight. .


Keep crafting. I may try and sleep a bit more.

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Morning ladies what a eventful night Eliza.sorry to some here someone's family member has shingles not nice at all so hope they feel better soon.been trying to keep myself busy got a sore thoat and cough my own fault haven't smoked for a few years and was silly enough to have a cigarette at my dad's wake so my own fault.ordered a hot gun as I gave still been doing my candles with the hair dryer as I only have a camping iron.made my sister a memory pillow she wanted it kept quite plain so didn't put to much embroidery on it.just going to chill mostly today as had a bad nights sleep was coughing and painfull legs due to arthritis in my knees. Lisaxx




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Morning All. 😀

Have just caught up on the posts over the last few days.....and can't remember who said what. 😊

Denise - Sorry to hear Sophie hasn't been well. Hope she's feeling lots better now.


Lisa - The memory pillow is lovely, and the candles are pretty.


Not much happening here. Busy at work as usual. 😀 Jay's resting and taking his medication.....which is all you can do with shingles, and I've been sploshing calamine on his rash to try and help ease it. 😷

I'm off to work later, but for now it's knitting and another cuppa.


Have a lovely day everyone. x

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Afternoon ladies. Had to go to sit with Sophie when her mam went to work. She didn't want to come to mine.  She is a bit better and did have some breakfast. I'll pop up to see her later.


Going to do a bit cross stitch as sun is shining through window . My table is at the window so I can use the daylight to find the holes - its 18 count.


Eliza I know the kind of place you mean - we have or used to have one too. Haven't been for a long time so don't know if its still there


Lisa lovely work. I think the memory pillows from an item of clothing is such a lovely idea


Tracey hope Jay's itching is easing up. I know it is so annoying trying to resist from scratching. Hope work goes quick so you can get home and do some knitting.


Have a lovely day whatever you do


Take care

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