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Wild Wednesday

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Good morning, it's been windy all of yesterday but we now have a storm. ive not long returned from a night out and there appears to be a couple of fences down. I'm going to try and get some sleep and will play catch up later on.

I hope you all have milder weather than us.

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I'm in bed listening to the wind..june 1st start of summer?


Nice blanket Liz,I said we should have made squares for our textile festival and they could then have been made into useful blankets..no one knows what to do with the pom poms although the mill say they can go to recycling? hubby had tests done that took almost a year to process,


Sewing Bee,? Was surprised at this weeks eviction, thought they all did well with the lacy bras, didn't enjoy the alteration challenge but did enjoy watching the main make, I think it could go to anyone as it stands now . I quite enjoy the new time and day at first I thought ???


Have a good day all, keep crafting

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Hello all just had breakfast as we go to Canterbury this morning for the third time and pick up John's suit it fits a treat and he has a pink tye and pink socks to go with it, it is a lovely French blue. I have been following your posts here and there and knitting most of the time watching the French open tennis at Roland Garros. Our weather has been awful rain for the last five days, but this coming Saturday we go to Jades for her wedding dress fitting and to stay till Monday.

Still busy with wedding not long to go 10weeks or so.


Love your blanket Liz and all the other projects that have been posted, you are all a very clever lot. I have been researching more different crafts and found triaxial weaving if you do it with a jelly roll or ribbon you can get a pattern of tumbling blocks and other patchwork patterns without having to cut the material out . In stead of weaving with two strips you weave with three strips 2diagonal and one horizontal, I have two books on this craft coming to put in my collection of books.

Well I best go and get ready to go out, still raining , talk later.



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Morning :)


Suzy it was a bit blustery here yesterday but we didn't have a storm.  Hope you got some sleep!


Eliza I'm glad you didn't say who was evicted as I'm watching GBSB on iPlayer so I'm only part way through week 2.  I'm really enjoying it too :P


Linda the weaving looks complicated but I'm sure you'll master it :D  How are the wedding preps going?


Having a bit of a slow day here as I'm not even showered yet.  I've got sciatica again so didn't sleep well.  Will take painkillers before work.


Forgot to say yesterday some large flower wall stickers arrived yesterday for the girls room.  The packaging was intact but inside it looked like the roll of stickers was badly damaged, the backing torn, some of the stickers damaged and even a great big foot print on the back!  I've sent pictures off to the seller (in China) so hopefully they can send me some more.


Right going to finish off my coffee then go for a shower.  I've got to put the washing on the clothes horse too.  The top of the stairs outside the front door is a bit of a sun trap so it dries lovely out there :)


Bye for now and keep crafting!

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Hi everyone ,


nice to see you linda, I know you will be busy,I expect you are excited about jades dress fitting at the weekend

do you have your outfit yet?


I am enjoying the sewing bee Eliza, but didn't think much of the scarf challenge this week, how was your aunt yesterday


We are picking up my friend at the bus station she is here till Monday, I need to shower before I go out as I have been doing HW this morning ,the weather here is cold and damp so not very nice


Su2ie hope your dresses arrive quickly and you get everything coming together for the big day

When I married it was a second time round and we arranged it all within 3 weeks so it can be done, cake, dance, flowers, the lot and no stress


Must get myself going again will try to pop back later

Have a good day

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I agree witj Liz Suzie the longer you have to plan a wedding the longer to worry and errors..my daughter's reception all booked a year and days before one of the partners ran off after emptying business account..the partner left pulled it all together, no idea how, luckily she used rented venue and we had a buffet instead of a sit down meal..


I wouldn't intentionally give a spoiler on a tv program as so many watch on catch up.


Hope the pains ease.


Can't think what anyone else wrote and my burger just arrived.

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