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Morning all


Not sure what today will bring.. need to visit my aunt ..the home is once again minus an activities person but the new manager is making sure some activities are in place by bringing in entertainers and having the care workers doing bits.


Hope everyone and the family are well or getting there


Keep crafting

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Morning :)


Eliza I hope you manage to fit in your own entertainment after visiting the care home!  Good luck!


Tracey hope Jay's meds are helping now :)


Been having a hectic few days here again.  Friday DF was really sick so I spent the day running around and was exhausted by the time I got to work!  Saturday & Sunday were a blur and yesterday we got to go to the beach.


It was a bit of a drama there too as a man got into difficulties with his canoe, two men swam out to him and dragged him back to shore then it was a tense wait (about half an hour) for any rescue services to arrive.  He was taken away by helicopter.  I had no service on my mobile but loads of other people phoned the coast guard.


Anyhow craft wise I managed to make a little bag for my wedding on the journey as we got stuck in loads of traffic (a 2 hour journey was over 4 hours!) and I've got most of the components done for my bouquet.  Waiting on the postie to bring a few items to add to it.


Have a good Tuesday all (back to work for me today) and speak later x

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Afternoon folks

been sat in Ruth's waiting on her washing machine to be delivered , waited 2hours but not wasted as had my sewing with me


Success with the bridesmaid dresses Ruth got them yesterday well she saw what she wanted and they are now ordered in correct sizes, so a local lady to deal with so much easier


It's rain here now and miserable, dogs need walkies, so will sit in car with embroidery whilst hubby walks


Hope care home visit as calm Eliza


Su2ie, can't wait to see your bouquet



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Afternoon ladies quite dull here supposed to start getting better thursday onwards.


You know how doctors are very busy and sometimes you're in and out before you say hello? Well I had an appointment last week with nurse about my diabetes. She said their is a support group and meets in both east end and west of of the city. Great I said I have walking difficulties so east end would be fine.


Gets a letter and yes you will probably have guessed its for west end of the city. Unfortunately the nurse is on holiday until monday. Why don't they listen save all this bother. Its so annoying.  :angry:


Sorry rant over


Think I'll have a cuppa and do some hooky - so calming.  :)


Eliza make sure you have some me time - you need to entertain yourself too.


Su2ie hope DF is feeling a bit better. Bit frightening about man in sea - hope he is ok.  Well done on wedding organisation


Liz brilliant Ruth has found the dresses she wanted. Its annoying when waiting for a delivery.  Surely in this day and age a company can say we will be there between such and such and give you an hour slot. At the least they could say am or pm but at least your hands aren't idle and your time wasted


Hope Linda is ok and just busy with wedding stuff - she hasn't been on for a few days.


Have a good day


Take care 

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Afternoon :)


Will be getting ready for work soon but thought I'd just pop on here first whilst I have a cuppa.  The morning has just zoomed by!


Liz glad the dresses are sorted.  I've ordered mine online today for the girls.  We're not telling them about the wedding until the night before so I'm really hoping all my measurements & the dresses are ok :blink:


Goose I must have missed something as I didn't realise you were diabetic!  How annoying with your support group.  Wonder how much time is wasted with health professionals not listening properly... Oh and DF is much recovered from his dying man routine on Friday thanks.  I'm glad we didn't catch his tummy bug!


With my own wedding prep I really don't have a lot of time in which to do it but its all coming together well so far. 


Right I'd best go as I've got to go to work in about 20 mins!


Bye for now x

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I too noticed lovely Linda was missing,thought it was probably a busy period for her, hope that's all


Hope girls dresses fit great su2ie, we have 10 months till Ruth's wedding and only me left to dress lol

The girls keep nagging me I hate clothes shopping


Denise poor show with support group mix up

I am still waiting on TB results they tell me bacteria takes time to grow


Hope everything fine with your aunt Eliza


Have a good evening

This is knitted blanket for school story corner


Edited by crafty nannie

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