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Morning. Im tired today..festival was a success but music too loud..we had corner furthest away from stage and still too loud..our family went to sit in a friends garden who lives near and with a row of houses between level was still loud.


Easy day today. .


Potty sucess is good..bridesmsid dress hunt still on..good luck. .that is all I can remember. .sorry.

Hope you all are well.

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Morning ladies, dull and cold here today so I'm pleased it's a day of rest after a hectic few days. Been to the European Archery competition at Nottingham university (Highfields Park) and the Old Slab Square in the centre of Nottingham both Friday and Saturday. Also went to the food festival at Nottingham Castle both Saturday and Sunday and the balloon festival at the forest Saturday. The balloons were tethered but on Saturday night they lit them all up, it was a wonderful sight. Both Tom Kerridge and Nina who won the gbbo were demonstrating at the food festival, not that you could get anywhere near.


Lisa happy silver wedding anniversary, love your boxes they should sell well.


Eliza I also love your wedding gift box, it's given me an idea for a baby shower box to put goodies in.


Tracey poor Jay, shingles can be very painful am I right in thinking its is from the same virus as chickenpox? Poor you to having to look after him, I hope you get some knitty time in.


Liz I hope Ruth managed to get her bridesmaid dress.


Denise tell me about potty training, madam always wants her potty just before you are going out or if anyone calls round. She wasn't interested until she saw her little friend with hers and then hasn't looked back. And the first poo is a big event of which we are all proud of. Btw Leah's favourite colour is purple too, I'm crocheting a blanket for her to go in the car in it.


All I've managed to complete in knitting is a little pair of baby boots adapted from a LK patter from long ago Tootsie, the pattern is in two colours and DK. Mine are just white and in 4ply to fit a new new baby.


Take care and have a good bank holiday Monday. X


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Hello everyone.


It sounds like you were both busy with fun events (Eliza and KQ) I'm sorry the music was too loud though, there isn't much worse than that really, have to feel sorry for those that lived close and couldn't get away from it. 


I'm sorry to hear about the shingles Tracey, I hope he's better soon, some people get over them really fast and others have a terrible time I've heard. I've not even had chicken pox but one of the pain meds I take is one that is used for shingles too. When I first took it I had an upset stomach for the first month, so be aware that if he has an upset stomach it may be the medication. A breakfast of whole grain toast used to help me. 


Those bootees are adorable KQ. When I had my children my mom knitted and crocheted a lot of clothes for them, from hats to jackets to shawls. But she isn't able to knit anymore and I don't know a single person in America who knits, I'm sure they are out there, just not amongst my circle of friends. I've really missed it because I've had the hardest time finding simple cardigans for Alia to wear when the weather goes cooler, I feel a bit bad that I took my mom's knitting for granted back then.


I've been trying to catch up on housework, it's not really gone so well. Yesterday my husband wanted me to go with him to buy new shirts for work and while we were out he suggested we go to a restaurant. The meal was lovely and I couldn't finish it I was so full, so when I got back I didn't really feel like doing housework. 


I had booked up for the family and a couple of friends 8 of us in total to go and do an 'escape the room' next Saturday. This one is called escape the 80s (Hope I don't find my ex in there still lol) Apparently it's a room that you are 'pretend' locked in and you have to solve a series of puzzles as a team within sixty minutes to escape. So when we got back from our meal my husband found some puzzles online and kept asking me what I thought the answer was. 


It turns out we think totally differently. he is a maths, physics, geek and I'm a visual thinker. so I was stumped by some of the maths problems he came up with but then he said "I've no clue what the answer to this one is..... what occurs twice a week but only once a year" I just say 'E' straight away, seemed so obvious but he was stumped. I'm hoping that will be to our advantage, more chance of getting out of that room if we have different abilities. 


I hope everyone has a nice day, I have to go grocery shopping then I have to do some decreasing but I get to use my smart 'de creaser' so that's ok. 

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Afternoon ladies. Bit dull and miserable here - think everyone has the same weather - typical Bank holiday.


DIL is working today and nursery closed so DS resting ,  I'm playing with Sophie and DH is making mince and dumplings for everyone for tea - saves DS or DIL cooking.


Just made a pink cake with Sophie which she calls her Peppa pig cake - no need to guess why  :lol:


Eliza those in charge of music always think everyone is totally deaf and sometimes it is so loud it spoils it


Suzy sounds like you have been relaxing after all your hard work. Love the little boots. I have an easy pattern for Ugg boots which is very popular on FB starts at newborn. Haven't made them yet but on my to do list (think that reaches to the moon and back  :lol: )


Sara escape room sounds brilliant - reminds me a bit like the Crystal Maze they have a room similar where you need to solve riddles and find clues


Better go and check on the cake. Enjoy your day


Take care

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Hello..I have finished sewing my dress..needs iron on it snd then I'll try it and see what I think.


Sarah my friend did the escape room with team from work..they just did it but had to get help at one point. .she said it was good.


Chinese ready meal for meal here, I feel so lazy today good I got an easy meal. Not sure if I will stay awake for sew bee tonight.


Knitting now to stop from sleeping..


Keep crafting

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Hello Everyone. 😄

Jay actually gave in and went to the Urgent Care Centre at our local hospital. Was brilliant, he was in, seen and out, with his antiviral medication and painkillers, within an hour. 😄 Just a case of taking his meds now and waiting for the rash and pain to ease. Have got ice packs in use for the burning pain, and calamine lotion to help too. 😖

Sounds like you're all keeping busy. I've had a knitty weekend.....in between my nursing duties. 😷

Have a good evening everyone. x

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