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Evening all. Been a dull day but at least it was dry.


No Sophie until late on as DS DIL went into town to meet friends.  We are in the middle of potty training but always wants to take her nappy off and wear little knicks (I call them undies as I am outnumbered by males  :lol: )


She obviously wanted to do something and was saying ooh ooh ooh and holding her bum.  And yes she had her first em poo on her potty - sorry if too much info. At least she knew which is a big help.


Nicer subject now  - hooky tonight as usual more squares for my blanket. The way things are going I may have enough for a fourth  :huh:


Eliza bet when the time came  you didn't want to leave the grand kids.  Again I think your little village is amazing and love what is going on at the moment


Tracey poor Jay. When I had them what eased things for me believe it or not was a hot water bottle - not too hot. Seemed to make things more comfortable and no itching.


Liz hope Ruth finds what she is looking for tomorrow. Don't know if you said but what colour is she looking for?


Think I need a cuppa - anyone want one?


Have a good evening

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Hi Denise

Ruth is looking for Cadbury purple, seems it's not this year's in colour, we are limited here for choice think she might resort to internet if no luck tomorrow


Had a nice meal this evening now some embroidery before bed

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