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Morning all. .lovely day yesterday..Sophia hugs us when we arrive and doesn't want to leave go.. Harry copies her but not quite as much..he was calling us both grandma but a first..


Today we go to the family festival at one of the village pubs.. we have a gazebo in the corner of the garden which we are doing craft displays..most of our display has already been done..fastened to boards which I thought was a good idea.. we have circles cut to make pom poms for community weekend.. a stash of large beads we had donated so thought elastic bracelets. .some little things cut for sewing..arty bits to make cards all aimed at children but the displays aimed at getting adults interested in our group.. here's hoping it stays dry.


Liz hope your ready for your visitor have you an armchair craft so you can chat and craft .


Have a good day


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Morning Eliza it sounds such a nice place where you live.lovely having the gran kids around my youngest granddaughter calls her grandad puppy doesn't seem to be able to say Popsy as yet :-).its dry here so far today my husband has had to work today it's also are 25 year wedding anniversary .did some more decoupage done some steam punk inspired boxes my daughter wants the small box.hope you all have a lovely crafty day.lisa x





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Happy Anniversary Lisa. 😀

Jay has Shingles. 😔 So it's painkillers and rest for him for a while, which he's not impressed with! 😡 And as for me it's....more knitting. 😀

Hope you all have a lovely day. x

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Hi everyone ,it's a lovely day here,


I like your boxes Lisa and happy anniversary to you


Enjoy your crafty day our Eliza hope you get plenty interest


Poor Jay send him get well wishes Tracey


Ruth didn't manage to get any bridesmaid dresses yesterday so we are going looking again tomorrow as bridesmaid goes home later tomorrow, we are all going out for a meal this evening


I have been steam cleaning my bathroom this morning and ran out of steam myself before the machine did , the shower cabinet and tiles took the longest,


Eliza yes I have armchair craft ready for when my friend is here to stay, I can't sit and not be doing something


Hope everyone is having a nice day

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