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sunny Saturday

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Morning all


going to see my grandchildren today, bag packed with bits I've picked up for thrm over last few weeks, I keep saying I shouldn't shower gifts on them each time I see them but when you only see them monthly, my son and DIL said stop worrying they never say what will they bring butdo ask when are they coming and stand looking out of window from breakfast onwards, going in daughters car so easy for us.


post-483411-0-21613500-1464416789_thumb.jpg box I made to hold cheque, I've sewn a ribbon in to tie around cheque and a little blue flower, it's a close up pic so hopefully embroidery shows.


have a nice day, with crafty time.post-483411-0-62904900-1464417050_thumb.jpg

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Lovely embroidery on box Eliza, such a nice idea

enjoy your grandchildren today


I am in middle of prep for my friend coming to stay next week

So guest bed made up and room hoovered and dusted, I still need to remove some bits and pieces that shouldn't be in there


Hope everyone has a nice weekend planned, it's sunny here, showing up all the dust


Ruth has gone to pick up one of her bridesmaids, who is arriving from Glasgow for a dress viewing and staying over till Monday


Well cuppa time over must get on,

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Hello ladies.  Had a busy day washing shopping then a couple of hours playing with Sophie in the garden. After all the decorating and playtime I'm shattered.


We came indoors and I cut out a fish and Sophie stuck coloured bits on it and I cut out a green dinosaur which she loved. For all you who don't watch Peppa pig her little brother George's favourite toy is a dinosaur.


Sent off boobs I have made to NHAP plus some angel blankets  - pics tomorrow - and a big thanks to Liz as it was her yarn I used


Having an easy evening just making some granny squares for my multi coloured blanket.


Eliza love the box and a nice idea for your niece's wedding gift.


Liz hope you managed to get sorted and left yourself some crafting time.


Enjoy your evening everyone

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