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it's so cold again and the heating is on



Got bed linen changed today but it never dried, so now hanging on pulley in utility room

I did my food shopping whilst we were out so another chore done, settled on sofa now for telly and embroidery


Hope everyone is well

Nice to see you back sarah

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Evening all. The decorating is going really well.  we have the bottom of one wall to paper and then border all round room. We are both amazed how quick we have managed to do it.


Its definitely a bit of a break and then our bedroom - clearing that will take a humungus length of time and I don't know where everything will go.  :wacko:  We'll probably do it the same as the other bedroom. Move everything to one side - decorate it then  move stuff to that side etc.


Suzy I'm not a big biscuit eater but thanks for that. My steroids are down to 5mg each morning and are reduced bu 1 mg every 4 weeks. By time I go back to hospital in september I'll be down to 1 mg and they siad if no flare ups that would be it. Fingers crossed


Thanks for the boobs - everything is gratefully appreciated as over 200 hospitals are on the donation list - some with 2 or 3 different departments so that certainly mounts up. Love the keyring


Su2ie enjoy your evening


Liz is it a block for  the wedding quilt  you are busy with?


Its quite nippy now wonder if I should put heating on to take the chill away?


Enjoy evening everyone

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