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A quick hello as phone needs charging.


Busy day here today .. various appointments


Sarah do a search for Vitamin D Council if you can't find it I'll see if I can find link..I think it's American ..I do remember USA & UK measure different.


Bye for now.

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Good morning, the sun is trying to get through the odd break in the clouds. A work day for me (from home) and I need to do some food shopping. I enjoyed the pool exercises and swim yesterday but was exhausted afterwards so didn't do much apart from catch up on Silent Witness and start some small lavender key rings.

I take vitamin D as my body doesn't retain it, 800iu per day prescribed by my doctor, she said anything over 1500iu per day long term could be dangerous when I said I could get them from the health food shop. I also take bee pollen and Royal jelly, the bee pollen is for hay fever and helps the digestive system and Royal jelly helps the immune system and is a natural inflamitory. They also use Royal jelly for ostioporosis, cholesterol and diabeties as it reduces the blood sugars.



Nice to see you on here Sarah and I hope your health is improving, you will have to get out in the sun for vitamin D. The little hats range from 3ns to a normal baby size, until Jo took me on the ward I couldn't believe babies could be so small and fit the tiny hats. How is your granddaughter? She must be getting big now.


Eliza did you get your zip? You will have to post a picture of your dress and jacket when completed.


I presume it's work, cuppas and knitting for you today. Enjoy the cuppas and knitting and the work goes quickly.


Denise Al.i sell no sugar biscuits and surprisingly they are quite nice, I buy them for Leah as she likes to dunk in Lisa's cuppa. I used to have add cal with vitamin d for a while when I had a course of steroids for the FM, then was told it interfered with warfarin so stopped having them. My nails and hair benefited from them. Are they going to reduce your steroids bit by bit or will you come straight off them? When you have finished your sons bedroom could you pop down here and do my sitting room for me please. I have sent off 15 boobs t your charity.


I hope everyone has a good day X

This is one of the key rings I'm making along with some lavender bags, they will go to a coffee morning for our breast cancer institute.


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Morning :)


I didn't get chance to come on yesterday as I was out shopping with my sister in the morning then a quick lunch before work and a busy evening with the family once I got home.


Today after a quick shopping trip for mince I'm at home until work later.  I thought I'd make a cottage pie for tea (individual ones so I can have mine later).  I'm just having a cuppa before I start.  Just had to antibac the kitchen anyway as naughty Rocky was up on the sides in there with his kitty cat paws :huh: He's a little sneak.  I swear all he thinks about is food.  We're having to feed him little and often as he gorges himself then throws up once he drinks water and the dry food expands in his stomach...


Eliza I hope you soon get through your appointments and get some relaxing time.


Tracey can you send some sunshine my way?  It's really cold and overcast here...


Suzy love the keyring :)  We've been watching Silent Witness too.  Is it me or is it shot in drab colours?  I feel like they need to turn the brightness up :lol:


Right best get on as the cottage pie won't make itself and I still have a mountain of decreasing to do plus I'd like to get a bit of crochet in as well!


Bye for now x

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Love the keyring Suzy,nice idea and colour

Hope your work from home doesn't take too long


Su2ie has your sister settled in at work,

How is your fiance s health now


Hope you get all your appointment s seen to Eliza


Tracey tomorrow is the weekend again hope you have a good one

how is jays mum keeping


I have niamh to dancing at 3 and I have HW needing my attention, my friend comes to stay next week so I must prepare the guest room, I swear I don't know how all those items get in that room and just pile up whilst it's not being used. It's dull here today I need Sun to give me a spring in my step


Well I must get on no house fairy to do it for me,I will see what else I can achieve before I go for niamh


Have a good day hope decorating is going well denise

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Thank you for your advice all. I will be talking to my doctor before increasing my dose because I am sure it would only cause other problems. Royal jelly is something I will certainly look into, I am pretty sure my mom used to take that years ago. Unfortunately it's really hard to get vitamin D from the sun as you can only get it during certain times of the day, mainly the hottest times of the day and you can only get it on bare skin with no sunscreen by being in the sun for at least half an hour. All summer it is 80+F if not 90+F so I'd shrivel and die in half an hour with no sunscreen :D Also in the winter months, I'd freeze to death in half an hour. I do sit outside when I can but usually in the shade or well sunscreened. 


Congrats on your upcoming wedding Suzie, I don't blame you having a small wedding. I never wanted the fuss of a big wedding, In Virginia the law doesn't require much, we had our wedding in our own home. We were given a list of people authorised to do weddings and we just called one (the one with the least cheesy name, some had changed their name to things like Valerie Valentine) and we made up a small service where we wrote our own vows and the children (we both had children by previous relationships) lit candles. Then we just went for a meal as a family, We didn't even need witnesses. To make up for a small and so very cheap wedding my husband bought very expensive platinum rings he said he had to be sure I had a reason to marry him :D :D 


Alia is doing well she is so much easier to take care of now. She doesn't much like crawling though she can, she prefers to pull herself up and walk around the furniture. 


The lavender keyrings are a great idea and they look so pretty. 


I hope that the housework goes fast CN. I know that feeling any space in our house that is not actively used for something becomes a dumping area for all kinds of stuff.


Have a great day everyone

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