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sewing day here, I am determined to get work done on my dress, need to go buy a zip first, I have a box full but of course none suitable.


printing for decoupage, Lisa, be careful as my bright idea last week of printing to fabric was arrrgggggg, did wonder if you could reinforce tissue by ironing wax paper to it ? Not sure if it will adhere enough though, you may end up with paper ripped and jammed to rollers, ------ tweezers get it all out, first unplug your appliance.


talking off safety advice did I tell you about washing instructions on jacket my daughter in law had for Harry,,,"machine was at 40c first remove child from jacket ", true, think it was an internet buy.


also today dropping my string of pom poms into art gallery, they are stringing them in gallery which is a massive old weaving room in derelict mill until they are needed for community weekend, my only chance of being exhibited in a gallery.


Have a good day all, keeep crafting

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Good morning Eliza and everyone else, it is supposed to be cooler here but seems very muggy to me. I'm working from home today and almost finished everyone I want to so its breakfast time (fruit and 0% Greek yogurt). I have lost the weight I put on while away and on the way to another half stone by doing the 5/2 diet. It works for me but everyone is different and wonder if I'm doing right after the new guidelines from the obesity lot. Apparently we should be eating a high fat low carb diet to lose weight and colesterol is good for us, one person made a coffee and put a big dollop of butter in it which made me nauseous at the thought of it, each to their own.

I have mended all the little hats, some only needed an inch or two sewing up and others had to have the ribbons removed and sewn from the top. I also finished a c2c baby blanket last night, oh what a lazy day I had lol.


Eliza I never have the right zip for something and in the past resorted to doing little fabric loops and covering buttons to match. Sorry about your fabric disaster and the printer, I think you can buy fabric to print on.


Denise eeeek with the diabetes, they give you pills to cure one thing and they cause so,etching else. With a bit of luck you may be able to come off the steroids at some point. One good thing is that it can be controlled by diet and you don't need injections.


Back to the grind for me (ha ha) for a bit and then I think I will go for a lunchtime swim and pool exercise session. It's not as hard as it sounds, it is gentle exercise movements in the warm pool followed by a swim.

Here are the 115 little hats completed and the c2c baby blanket folded in four.

Have a good day x



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Dull and showers here today, I was going to change bed linen but I prefer it to dry out on line, so change of plans

I am not in a HW mood so I am Sat here with embroidery


How tiny are those hats Suzy, good job by you sorting them out


Hope you get some time to sew your dress Eliza, it's annoying when you need to go shopping for an item first (zip)


Looks like we are off dog walking as hubby getting his shoes on, so I will accompany him with my embroidery in car,


Denise sorry to hear about diabetes good luck with medication


Lisa let us know how you resolve printing discourage


Keep crafty

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Afternoon ladies dull grey and miserable and a tad windy here.  

Last night DH painted half the woodwork in DS2's bedroom.  We have to do it in two halves as we don't have the space to move everything out.


Bottom half is white - raised pattern like blown vinyl - and two walls are done  :) Stopped for a coffee then going to add a couple more pieces to third wall.  After dinner we can then do top - metallic silver - and move bed and other stuff back into place so DS2 can get in his room and more importantly in to bed tonight  :lol:


I come off steroids in september but nurse doesn't think it will make any difference. On the good side I have to watch my carbs - pasta rice bread and potatoes - so it may help with some weight loss.


Eliza we all have loads of crafty "stuff" but more often than not we don't have a certain particular thing we actually need  :lol:


Suzy well done on getting hats sorted and thats a lovely c2c blanket. Enjoy your swim.


Liz hope you enjoyed your walk.


Lisa I printed on ordinary A4 paper then covered it in 2 or 3 coats of PVA - works fine.


Have a lovely day everyone - keep crafting


Take care

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Thank you ladies and goose thanks for sharing that you can buy decoupage plain paper so I have ordered some off ebay you only get ten sheets for two pound something .got to go hand sewing the hems on my trousers as I am cursed with the short gene.lol.x


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Hello everyone

well it's gone from 60F at the weekend to 82F today, and it's stopped raining so hopefully things will dry out and I can sit outside for a bit today.


Eliza I too never have the right zip, I have hundreds of zips buy them in bulk when I see them cheap but you can bet if i need one I don't have the size or the colour. ... I too have seen those washing instructions on clothes here, too funny, makes you think someone had to have made the mistake for them to put it on :D


Well done both on the diet and on mending all those tiny hats KQ


Enjoy your embroidery and a bit of fresh air CN


Sorry to hear you have diabetes, I too was diagnosed 18 months ago or so, it was caused by inflammatory disease which was caused by the problems with my leg. I was put on some tablets and I got to say I haven't been as careful as I felt I should, I did reduce sugar intake, just wasn't as careful as I was told to, however I was tested last week and my numbers are a lot lower so I feel less alarmed by it now. I hope it goes well for you, my tip is to keep away from low fat foods, I had eaten low fat products since I was about 14 and only just realised they contain almost double the sugar usually. 


Having said that about getting tested last week I have a question for all those that are taking vitamin d. .. I was told my vitamin d was low 18 months ago, I first was put on a concentrated dose once a week but my numbers didn't increase so since then I've been taking a daily one of 2000iu. Last week i was told my numbers were still too low and they want to increase it to 5000. However in between being told it was too low and the doctor getting back to me on what to do about it, I googled some facts about it. I found out that the gummy sweet version of vitamin d was not very effective, also that vitamin d should always be taken with dinner because that is usually the meal with the most fats in it and vitamin d needs the fats to be absorbed. 


I of course was taking the gummy sweet version because that is the easiest, I was also taking them in the morning with just a cup of coffee. The article said that the drops that you put on your tongue were the best and also that vitamin d works in synergy with other vitamins, vit a and k and also magnesium all of which you get in a multi vitamin. The bit that worried me was that they said vit d on it's own in high doses could be dangerous so I'm a bit worried about going up to 5000iu 


So I just wondered if anyone else had trouble, what doses you were taking and if you had been told to take other vitamins with it or any other instructions or warnings. 


Have a great day 

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