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Hello hello hello my wonderful son asked if he could borrow my laptop sunday night which of course I said yes like you do. Then he went away for meetings connected with work and forgot to give me my laptop back until now  :( silly billy  :lol:



Decorating bug has bitten us again. We are doing DS2's  bedroom. Half room stripped and DH has painted ceiling and wood work. Wall papering starts tomorrow.


Been to see nurse today and they have confirmed I have Diabetes 2 - possibly caused by being on steroids probably because I am over 40, overweight and a couple of uncles are diabetic as was my nana.


Done a few tests for various things including thyroid and cholesterol.


Good thing was my blood pressure has dropped and I don't have high blood pressure. I have to watch my diet well portion sizes which can only be a good thing.


Su2ie congrats love the rose and a nice idea for the wedding flowers.


Liz are you feeling better now?


Linda love the hat. This is link for a flat rose http://attic24.typepad.com/weblog/may-roses.html


Going to have quiet evening doing some hooky.  Off to make a cuppa


Have a lovely evening ladies

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