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Morning all :)


I had an early night as felt shattered yesterday, which meant I woke up extra early! I'm already showered, dressed and made up for the day :)


Thanks for the congrats yesterday. Wedding isn't too far off and only a very small affair. I've been married before so don't need or want all the big pomp my sister is enduring (everyone telling her what to do, who to invite, what colour scheme she should have etc!). We've always said we'd do something private and tell everyone after ;)


Anyhow today I'm off out for a coffee with DS2 after the school run as he has Tuesday's off work. Will have to fit in more flower making later too.


Have a good crafty day folks!

Bye for now x



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Morning Suzie and everyone else, as the song says the sun is up and the sky is blue. Congratulations Suzie on your forthcoming nuptials, a small wedding sounds good and far less stress.

My back (touch wood) doesn't feel as bad this morning but I'm still going to take it easy. I have over a hundred neonatal hat to remodel where they either haven't sewn at the back up or made bonnets with ties, me and my big mouth volunteering to do them, I will try and do them today ready to give back on Thursday when I see Jo again.


Suzie I love your flower it is so pretty. Enjoy your time with your son.


Breakfast time for me, honeydew and watermelon with a few strawberries and then to battle on.

Have a good day x


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Morning all. Suzie we got married almost 43 ywars ago and we changed our wedding from a Saturday jamboree to a quiet Friday morning with just 12 there. .it was in church as mum and grandma got upset..main reason waa all my friends were or had just got married and it was all I need to top that..plus my dad had a heart attack..grandparents were both ill and mum waa getting really stressed. .to involve my grandparents I had a word with their home help lady who stayed longer..thry both got dressed up..I sent gran flowers. .we called with a bottle of sherry and the home help lady warmed them a nice meal I made day before. My dress I made..pale blue as I thought white and no guests was silly..of course back then all the local busy bodies put 2 & 2.together and...has your Eliza got anything yet to mum..who used to answer why what's she supposed to be getting..it really amused mum. Love your. Crochet rose.


Sewing Bee..I wont do a spoiler but I enjoyed it.


I've made a good start on my dress..Iit's looking okay.


Have a good day all...Liz I tried to get on forum Sunday and nothing happened

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Good morning all a sunny start to the day but clouding over now, su2ie your crocheted Rose is lovely did you have a pattern or was it your own design, I would like to do a few for Jades wedding table. Here are the 2hats I finished that you asked for now I am knitting a body wrap scarfe, in the same colour yarn.


Suzy what a lovely lot of hats good on you for volunteering to finish them off so rewarding knowing they are going to a good cause.


Well I must go and have a shower and do some HW, I'll come back later.


Hello ELISA we posted at the same time, an interesting wedding day for you , and every thing turned out OK in the end. The sewing bee I also enjoyed, may be it is to early to comment on the people but to me they are not as good as last series, but as the episodes go on I will get to know them all better, I do like the house husband and the Irish lady.



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Hello again :)


Linda my rose pattern is part my own.  I found a tutorial online for a flat "rolled" rose.  I'd tried doing one of the rolled ones where you do a long chain but it was fiddly.  The new one is a flat base that you can do whatever rolled rose type pattern on top.  I'll see if I can find the tutorial and send you a link :D The hat is fantastic! You're very talented!


Suzy what a load of hats!  Good luck with adjusting the hats which aren't quite right for the neonatal babies.  You will be bursting to go after such a yummy breakfast!


Eliza my dress is blue too :P  I'm glad you and your mum weren't offended by peoples assumptions.  I was mortified at my 1st wedding when my ex's cousin requested shot gun wedding for us to dance to but she was a trouble maker :o :huh: :lol:


Well I've been wool shopping as my son text me to say he'd got a dodgy stomach & bought some sparkly wool to match my dress so I can make my own bouquet.  What to do though?  Roses or de-creasing?  I guess crochet wins hands down ;)


Speak later everyone x

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Hi everyone , lovely day here we are off out for a steak at wea********ns, and then some bread and milk to pick up


Nice rose su2ie can't wait to see bouquet, you will be busy


Nice hat Linda and wrap sounds interesting,


Your breakfast sounded lovely Suzy, hope the baby hats are easy to sort


Eliza what are you working on is it the fairy?

After all my knitted square sewing yesterday I am back to embroidery on my quilt block


Have a good day everyone

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