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Morning all


Lisa sorry to hear you have been ill again. Get well wishes to you.


Last of our guests left at 8.30 last night striping bed..folding sofa beds etc beforehand so our house was back to normal by coronation st at 9.00, washing machine was on and bedding should dry today weather permitting.


An enjoyable weekend and mass catering turned out easy ..my only error I noticed mushrooms in fridge last night that should have gone in Saturday chilli.


Liz I hope we get the good summer I seem to think the rumors were the same last couple of years but I never noticed much of a summer.


Have a good day..keep crafting

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Hello all cloudy but the sun is trying to come out. Yesterday whilst sitting chatting to my sister a great tit flew in to our living room window and knocked himself out. John went out to see the bird and picked him up he was looking around and a bit dazed so John took him in to the back garden after a while the bird flew up in to the honeysuckle and eventually flew away. Here is a pick I took of him.

It is nice to get your home back to yourself Elisa now you can relax are you carrying on with your fairy.


I am finishing off the Turkish flat hat in a smaller size for Liz, the bigger one will go in my box of crafts to sell nearer Christmas. Now my sister wants a Turkish hat and her friend the matching jumper I could try doing on my chunky knitting machine.


Any way I am getting hungry must have some breakfast. Talk later


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Good morning it was nice here earlier on but has clouded over now. I've only been into work for the Monday meeting and to give out the weeks work. I moved wrong last night, felt my back go and I've been In a lot of pain since. Pain killers have eased it but thy are so strong that I go around in a daze.


Sarah I do hope you are on the mend now and send you healing thoughts and gentle hugs. The flower spike will be pushed into deep polystyrene, which has been covered to lookalike grass and soil. About 15 of us have done different flowers and creatures that you would find ina garden.


Eliza you can now breath a sigh of relief now you have your craft room back. It's nice to have visitors but nice to be back to a normal routine. I forgot Corrie was on last night so thanks for mentioning it, I will watch it on catch up later on.


Poor little bird Linda, it's a good job there weren't any cats about. You will be extra busy with the hats and jumpers.


Have a good day x

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Morning :)


Sorry been absent again.  Apart from feeling really sad about Maisy and getting over a horrible throat infection I've been too busy to even think!  Honestly I don't know where the days go...


A little happy news from me as we've set a date for getting married - just a small affair but I'm not telling anyone exactly when ;) Anyway I've decided to crochet my buttonholes, white roses with little green leaves.


Eliza sounds like you had a lovely time - you'll have to use the mushrooms for soup!


Linda I'm glad the little bird was okay :)


Suzy hope you back eases up.  How annoying to twist and have it go :huh:


Right best get on as I've got a few chores to do before work.

Have a good day folks x

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Suzy I love your flower spike so unusual and different from the usual crocheted flowers.


Su2ie nice to see you back and better what good news congratulations. Is DFs blood pressure better.


The smaller Turkish hat is finished now I am defrosting spicy chicken legs to roast for dinner. So after dinner will look for a cabled scarfe pattern one that wraps round the body and does up at the front it looks like a jumper.

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