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Sat quietly as a house full of snorers this morning, I like a peaceful start to the day, it's nice sat overlooking garden and sunny so far,, it was rather heavy rain last night. Rumour has it we are in for a hot summer ?


Going to crochet a tiny blanket and maybe sew a patchwork throw for crafty fairy if I can find bits, don't like not having my craft room, although enjoyed the company yesterday and back to normal tomorrow.


Have a good day.

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Good morning all it is lovely outside I have done my walk around the garden, and a few minutes exercise on my bike which is outside the cabin. I finished my cable flat Turkish cap, and started on another which is a smaller size.. There was not a pattern with this picture so I made my own up from looking at the picture and counting as many stitches as I could see. After I finishe the smaller one Liz wants the jumper to match.


Enjoy your piece ELISA look forward to seeing crafty fairy.


It's a lamb casserole and veg bake for dinner today so best get on.



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Quiet on here today,hope you are all enjoying a nice sunday


It's sunny with heavy showers with us, I hope your rumour of a hot summer reaches me Eliza


I like the hat linda you have done a good job, who is the other one going to be for


Looking forward to seeing your fairy Eliza, guests do interfere with crafting lol


I have my friend coming to stay from Edinburgh , she will be here in 10 days time and staying 5days, she isn't interested in craft though


Away to do some embroidery ladies, have a good day

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Hello it's beautiful here (well upto now) and very warm. I did try to get on earlier but the gremlins got to my post. I'm back home after being summoned to M&C's for lunch where they tried to talk me out of retiring but this time I'm sticking to it.

We have been asked at natter and knit to make a knitted garden that will go on display at another library for library month to show all the things you can do there. I spent all yesterday afternoon making this flower spike to sit at the back of it along with some insects.


Enjoy the day with your visitors Eliza.


I love your hat Linda, Elizabeth is a lucky lady. I don't envy you knitting a jumper if the weather turns hot. Love the strawberry jam idea to go with the other favours.


Liz my thoughts are tough luck if your friend doesn't craft, I would still get on with mine and I would probably try to convert her lol.


have a good evening



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Hello everyone, I know it's a bit late in the day and not many read the posts this late but oh well. I've only just made it out of bed. I took a turn for the worse and was back on bed rest and more antibiotics. I'm not one for bed rest but i don't have the energy for much else. I do feel a bit better today though so maybe this time I'm recovering. 


Hope everyone is well. Nice hat Linda, i like the colour too it would be lovely with the jumper.


I like the flower spike KQ does it stand up on it's own or will it have some wire help?


Enjoy your friends stay, when my mom has visited here we always find places to go and don't have much time for crafting anyway, she has maybe done a bit of knitting or crocheting in the evening but not much, 


Lucky me, my husband says dinner is ready, he's cooked a proper Sunday dinner with Yorkshire pudding, pretty good for an American who doesn't even know where Yorkshire is :D 

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Sarah - Lovely to see you. Wishing you a speedy recovery. 😊

Suzy - Love the flower spike. Great idea. 😄

Eliza - It's lovely having company....but it's also great getting back to normal. 😀

Liz - I'm sure you can still craft when your friend visits. 😀

Take care everyone. x

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