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Hello..just waiting for first of our guests arriving..chilli un slow cooker and spuds ready to throw in ovrn..garlic bread I bought ready done. So an easy meal. Tomorrow it's a chicken burger..got breasts to again throw in oven..frozen chips..bread buns and salad..one advantage to having been ill I don't feel guilty cheating.


To pass time I'm making acfessories foe my first ever fairy..turning her into a crafty textile one for tge stall. .as a prop not to sell..just made knitting needles ftom wood kebab sticks.


Have a good weekend. Plenty of craft

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Afternoon. 😀

Eliza - It's great doing easy meals. Yours sound lovely. 😊 Your fairy sounds fab. 😃

Have just been pottering in the garden while the sun's out. 🌞 Then it's back to my knitting. 😠Nothing to report today. Lovely and relaxed. 😊

Jay's just made me a cuppa.....so I'm away to drink that, and might see if there's a film to watch on TV. 😃

Have a lovely afternoon everyone. x

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Just pressed wrong button and lost my post  :angry:  Start again - 


Hello ladies.   Been a lovely day got shopping done and washing all dry then went into garden with Sophie and DS2 for a bit play. DS2 only went to sit outside to do some work but was distracted.



Been sewing in ends, sewing up items adding bows and charms so I can get them sent off to the charity I support.  More hooky this evening I think


Sophie gone home now for tea so I guess I better get ours done - prawn and veg stir fry with noodles soy sauce and lime juice  :)


Eliza you're not cheating with quick meals just freeing up more time - perhaps for crafting  ;)


Tracey did you find a good film to watch?


Have a lovely evening everyone



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Denise - Sounds like you've had a lovely day. 😄

I didn't find a film that I fancied. I have got some Vera's that I downloaded though, so I watched a couple of those. I love the Vera series. Hope there's another one coming up soon. 😀

Have a lovely evening everyone. 😀

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Hi everyone, I have been out shopping for bridesmaid dresses with Ruth and my elder daughter, think Ruth has decided on Cadbury purple instead of lilac, Teresa picked a style she liked and another bridesmaid coming up from Glasgow area next weekend, so meanwhile Ruth is sending down photos


I have been continuing with my embroidered centre panel for wedding quilt, it's addictive and relaxing


Linda the lavender as favours sounds lovely, still no idea what we will have, I am making all the buttonholes and bouquets but fortunately they are faux flowers so can be done anytime once they finalise their colour scheme


How's the memory box coming along Eliza, I expect it's on hold whilst you have guests. Your quick meals sound yummy


Hope you are holding up Lisa ,how is your mum coping?


Tracey your weekend sounds relaxing, hope weather stays fine


Denise I hate food shopping at the weekend nice to get it done though, was Sophie helping in the garden again, hope your ends are all stitched it now


I am making a Korma for tea, and it smells good , I was not hungry either as we had coffee and scones s about 4pm before we came home, now that I smell the Korma however I can't wait to eat


Must go feed the dogs I swear they can read the clock

They might not speak but hey do they know meal times


Have a crafty weekend, hope you are all well

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Evening ladies see you are all keeping busy.crafty nannie thank you for asking after my mum she is holding up we went and sorted the flowers out today.i hope this doesn't upset anyone I was asked by my mum and sister to decoupage a box to put my dad's ashes in as my mum wants them at home with her it's been very emotional doing it and this morning I woke up with a idea of a door and with some words I thought about .i have been practising with the door and writing I think tomorrow I will be ready to do the final one.i also decoupage a candle for my friend as a thank you in helping sort our flowers out.good evening ladies xx







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