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Denise - Phew.....Am so glad you have the wonderful Dr Sophie, and you now have a clean bill of health. 😄

Suzy - Love your cross stitch works. Jay is also off with me on Fridays, which is great. We had lunch out today, and enjoyed a lovely walk. 😀

Liz - Am so glad you made a speedy recovery. 😃

Have a lovely evening everyone. x

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Talking od Dr Sophie.. my grandson last week was with mummy and big sis at Doctors..Sophia had tonsilitas and they got home.Harry came down stairs with a pink stethoscope and went round putting it on everybody's leg saying there there.. children are so sweet.


Lovely roses and I likw the cross stitch..I uaed to.do a cross stitch..onky today I pulled out a picture I did in 1994 of a parade of Victorian shops and I've put it back on the wall..I also have converted a picture of an old attic scene into a cushion..don't think I could follow a chart now.


Pleased to hear you are better Liz..


Just laughing at birds bathing.. a few weeks back it was a pair of black birds who are still in the garden but don't seem bothered about the bird bath..now it's a bunch of sparrows.


Just had our Sunday lunch - a bit early but bought meat then remembered it's a rugby weekend, chilli tomorrow and chicken breast burgers on Sunday as we have a few guests here.


Have a lovely weekend all..keep crafting

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Again apologies to anyone I worried over my health.  :lol: If I do get really ill I promise I will be a little more subtle.


Suzy beautiful cross stitch and the flowers are lovely.  Many moons ago (over 40 years) my father grew roses and a bush outside my bedroom window there was  a lovely yellow tinged with pink edging rose whose flowers were the size of dinner plates when they fully opened and the smell was heavenly


Apparently the younger the better for learning languages and can only be a bonus career wise when Leah grows up 


Eliza kids certainly do make you laugh and are a great tonic if you are feeling down.


Tracey if you have any health problems let me know and I'll ask Dr Sophie  ;)


Linda yes my multi colour blankets are made from the free balls of yarn from LGC and a few from LK. I love the mag but never really used much of the yarn to make things in it. I have made  26 of 80 squares of blanket number 3 and love making them


Bed time now so good night all

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