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Morning all. .


Hope you all had a good night.


Food shop.then finish turning craft room to guest room.


Started embroidery on lid last night .. it a natural coloured linen and using shades of cream and beige ..will add lace..I'm thinking shabby chic..design as I go.


Better get going with the day ahead.


Have a good day

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Good morning, just come in from looking around the garden and exercising on my bike. Rain last night and everything growing well, we bought a big windmill to put up in the cherry tree and I made a windmill from a plastic drinks bottle and both are doing there job scaring the birds away from the cherry tree. I have another plastic bottle and trying to drink the cream soda quickly to make another windmill. As it goes around it makes a clicking noise what with the Bells in the tree. As well. Might be successful in getting a crop this year.


I was up at seven but 3am is a bit early for me Suzy, as it is I have to have a kip in the afternoon. But well done for doing so.


Looking forward to seeing your embroidery Eliza your other pictures of projects were great keep them coming you do inspire. I especially liked the weaving on the

Broaches of the trees.


I am in the middle of doing a diamond knitted cable on the brim of a cap, so better get tidying up and then carry on crafting talk later.

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Morning all. Thought I better let you know I have been very ill - my heart my knee my eyes my ears my tongue and my hair.   But don't worry Doctor Sophie checked me over with her new doctors kit and I'm better now  :lol:


Going to do a bit cross stitch - its dull and grey but enough daylight to just see what I am doing then maybe some hooky later.


Suzy as you can see I merged the posts. I know you are usually up early suppose you can get what needs done out of the way then the rest of the day is yours.  How many hours days is Leah at nursery?


Eliza pics please of your latest work - really look forward to seeing them


Linda all you need are some fairy lights in your cherry tree  :lol:


Tracey hope you too have a relaxing crafty friday once work is finished.


Believe it or not the sun has popped its head out from behind the clouds - don't know how long for.


Have a lovely day folks


Take care

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