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Hi everyone, been out most of the day, but better late than never


Eliza love the chiffon roses ,how easy are they to make a nice alternative from silk corsage

Nice brooches and pencil case, and bee pin cushion


Linda we have no idea yet what favours to go with for Ruth's wedding, any ideas welcome, I hope johns suit is perfect now


We have had fine rain all day not nice at all, however I feel better today,


Well done getting organised with your summer wardrobe Suzy, still too cold here to discard


Hope cross stitch going well Denise, you will have more time to yourself now


Catch you all tomorrow

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Liz..roses I used chiffon pieces..melted them with a heat gun to give curved petals ..DIL said I was like a mad professor. . Ive added sone more grey petals tonight as felt they were too candy.


My sons wedding we made scroll favours. poems on that said thank you ..think we had 3 different poems on different colour parchment type paper and fastened with ribbon..they looked good and gave entertainment at the tables as guests were comparing.


. Bed time here..night all

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