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Liz - The wedding quilt will be gorgeous. Can't wait to see it finished. I love your winter sofa quilt too. It's fab. 😄

Linda - I think a tea cosy sounds great. It's lovely. You have such fab ideas. 😄

Eliza - Sounds like you've fitted lots in to your lovely holiday. 😊

Have a great afternoon everyone. x

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Evening all.  Got all my de-creasing done this morning  :)  :)  :)  :)  no more until next sunday.


Had the family for dinner - roast pork yorkshire puddings and veg followed by rhubarb crumble.  The rhubarb is of DS's allotment. 


The two of them took it on just before christmas and haven't done a great deal to it but there is rhubarb and some fruit trees.  They are going to buy a shed and probably get it ready for winter veg.


After dinner when the sun got out had a bit fun time in the garden. Think my sister was worn out running up and down garden with Sophie.  Quiet now as everyone gone home 


Loving the pics of quilts brilliant work. Linda tea cosies look brilliant - I can imagine them in bright zingy colours.


Not sure what I will watch on tv tonight - somehow the Queen at 90 doesn't appeal. I'll have to look through the channels or pick a dvd to watch.


Hope you all have a lovely evening

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Home..unpacked. .cases back in loft..washing basket full. Jacket potatoes with tuna and cheese for meal aa I couldn't face cooking.


I'm watching Queen at 90 , enjoying it.. Queen looks to just have a thin outfit on so no disrespect but I hope she has her thermals on. 10.00 at night sat in a field at 90 can't be good..she seems animated watching the horses. I will be like that watching Sew.Bee tomorrow.5 year old.Sophia went Horse riding on Saturday she loved it.


Night all.

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