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Hasn't been a bad day dry with a bit sun. Got all my shopping and washing done.


Sophie came this afternoon and picked up hi fi box and pressed the correct button for her cd to play - nobody had actually shown her she had just watched me.


She sang the songs and was teaching her granddad the movements.  :lol:


I have a few crochet patterns I would like to try . They are 

blankets - Twinkle twinkle little star, Your first breathe took our breathe away, Precious, 123 and ABC are the  titles.

Had a go last night at popcorn and puff stitch to see which I preferred -  puff stitch won - and did some measuring to re-size and thats as far as I got.


Not sure what I'll be doing tonight haven't decided yet.


Su2ie how sad about your poor little kitten.


Eliza sounds like holiday is doing you good. You'll be so refreshed and ready for Great British Sewing Bee on monday  :)


Liz which embroidery are you doing is it linked wedding rings?


Suzy the doll is cute bet it won't take you too long to do it.


Linda did your books arrive?


Tracey hope you found a pattern you like


Better go tea just about ready - we are finding with lighter nights we tend to have tea around 7 to 7.30.


Have a lovely evening everyone

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Can't remember what you all wrote..sorry..suzie sad about your little cat.


Had a lovely day in Cambridge. . Tired now back in hotel and a wedding on and yes our room is above disco. . Ah well.


All I bought was a handblown or should I say mouth blown vase from museum. .done in the way of ancient egyptians..lovely turquoise colour, only small as I liked that one better.


Right cup of tea then I may go bop around the disco. . ha ha...maybe not.. my legs ache so much I'm sure I can see them throbbing.


Sad that I am I'm looking forward to getting home to my crafts..I was going to start my wedding outfit but need my craft room to be a guest room next weekend so ?


Have a good evening.. I may do embroidery... enjoy being crafty

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