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Morning all


A better bed ..slept till 5.00 and not as achy when I woke..going to Cambridge by bus today before we go to breajfast I will read the new book I bought yesterday.


I also had a look on the knitting link and some lovely ideas the embroidery I'm planning has 3D elements added and I think I could incorporate some things from that site.


Had a meal in hotel bar..they did a Golden ? Can't remember title but aimed at over 60's..portions were smaller but I passed half my chips to hubby...prawn cocktail. ..ham egg chips.....rhubarb crumble £7.49 each..was nice and we were full after. After we came to our room as both were tired and it was cold out..warm clothes from bottom of case today.


Hubby just delivered my cuppa


Have a good day all.

Be crafty

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Good morning sounds lovely Eliza, it is cold here too, I haven't had breakfast yet but reading your post has made me hungrier, I had scrambled eggs on toast and a sliver of smoked salmon yesterday got to feed the brain, I don't like cooked salmon but smoked is ok. It will be curry beans and eggs in a minute for me. Glad you like the knit and crochet sight. I assume that is the one you are talking about.


Any way this morning I'll carry on with my tea cosy, hoping my two tea cosy books come with postie today. Going to make breakfast now talk later.

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Morning all.


Sad post from me.  I took our little kitty Maisy to the vets yesterday as she'd been unwell for a few days, off her food and listless and breathing heavy.  I was told she had a serious lung problem & only had a few days to live so she was put to sleep.  So very sad.  She was only 2 years old.  We're all devastated & of course Rocky our other cat keeps looking for her.


Take care everyone x

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Good morning, sunny here again, I was out early for a swim and food shopping afterwards and still back home by 9.15. I'm now munching a slice of yummy watermelon and some strawberries. The concert last night was fantastic, I don't think there was a dry eye in the house at the end as these youngsters have some of the severe disabilities there are.

I'm going to start the Chloe or Clara doll from the new LK magazine just for something different to do. Apart from that nothing much till later on when I'm babysitting Leah.


Eliza I bet you feel better for a good nights sleep. Enjoy Cambridge.


Linda I also looked at the knitting site there are some good ideas on it. Have you looked at Pinterest for tea cozy ideas? It's very inspirational. I'm the opposite to you I love salmon but not keen on smoked salmon, it's something to do with the texture.


Suzie how sad about Maisy poor thing. You will have to give Rocky lots of attention as cats do grieve and may go off their food. Mrs Woo used to go round meowing and looking for Emma when we had to have her put to sleep. how are the girls? They must be upset about Maisy. Hugs all round for you.


Have a good day and I hope the sun shines for everyone x

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Suzie - Such sad news about Maisie. Lots of big hugs for you and your family.


Eliza - Enjoy your time in Cambridge.


Linda - Hope your Tea Cosy books have arrived today.


Suzy - Enjoy your doll knitting. It's nice to do something else for a change.


I've been looking through my toy knitting patterns too, as I fancy making something different too. Am off out to lunch shortly with friends.


Have a lovely afternoon everyone. x

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So sad about maisy, you must be upset such a young cat too

The worst part about being a pet owner (((hugs to your family)))


Great deal on meal last night Eliza, I can feel your relief with comfier bed, enjoy today


Suzy you are an early bird, what you completed by 9.15 I only dream about as I am not a morning person


I like the idea of fairy tea cosy Linda, how is your wedding quilt coming on?


We are away to take my friend food shopping, her husband is on crutches and unable to take her just now

Some boring HW needs my attention too

Then back to my embroidery

Hope you all have a good day


Enjoy lunch tracey

Edited by crafty nannie

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