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Afternoon ladies been with mum this morning I drove her to register my dad's death then we managed to lose my car as you can't park anywhere near after walking around for ages we found it.the funeral is on the 26th of May.i feel I want to go to say good bye at the chapel of rest but people have said they wouldn't I just don't no what to do.thankyou again for asking after my mums


It's a beautiful day here today .might get something crafty out later to relax.have a lovely afternoon love to you all xx

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Hi me again, beautiful sunshine still, your roses are lovely KQ, they will be a real show soon. My kumquat tree has arrived that sister Julie bought me. It is staying at n the conservatory at the moment I must look up how to look after it.


My fascinator arrived too pic below it has a tear drop shape and an Alice band fixed to it , I love it. Here also is WIP tea cosy I am putting Irish crochet all over it and have to find a pattern for a little fairy cottage.


It will be a Christmas present for my daughter-in-law she collects tea cosies, Ah well best get on .



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Afternoon ladies. Its dry but still dull and a tad nippy. My afternoons are so empty without Sophie but I suppose it gives me a chance to do a bit knitting or hooky - hooky won today  :)


I saw a flower on a russian blog but it only has a diagram and trying unsuccessfully to work it out.


Linda what pattern have you used for your flower for teacosy - it looks similar I think? Love the fascinator its a gorgeous colour


Suzy you can send them direct to NHAP, 21 Tweed Street Chopwell Gateshead NE17 7DL if you include your name in parcel please.  That way if you ever make anything else for them (I know you have soooo much free time with nothing else to do :lol: ) you have the address. If ever you go on Facebook they have a page Needles Hooks Angels and Preemies.


Lisa everyone has given good advice - food use by dates and how reality won't set in until the funeral - all you can do is be there when you can and keep in touch when you can't.

With regards to goodbye at chapel - you have to do what you want to do not what other people say - you may regret your decision in the future 


My wonderful hubby has just made me a coffee bless him.  Better go and seek out a biccie to go with it.


Catch you later   :)

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Now in hotel..bed is better than last one..our room overlooking courtyard and seems they have Shakespeare on in there ..not tonighr though.. going to have a rest and eat downstairs later..


Temperature has dropped by a coat (my grans saying)

Just bought another book..embroidery on canvas..this has some 3D work in.


Kettles boiled a cuppa before we have a rest

Be crafty

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Hello again, I did take more photos of my roses out today but it won't let me upload them. I think there may be to many images in my files, I know before I had to delete some photos from my file but can remember how to do it.


Denise thanks for the address, as it happens I will be having more time on my hands from July. I am semi retiring and only doing one day a week to sign off accounts and sign cheques etc.


Pleased you like your hotel Eliza, the Shakespeare thing may be to do with his 400th anniversary. As they say "once more into the breech dear friends, once more'.


Your fascinater is a gorgeous colour Linda, such a vibrant blue. The tea cozy is lovely and I'm sure you could design a fairy house for the top of your other one.


Lisa do what you feel is right, don't listen to what others want you to do.


I'm going to see an orchestra tonight where the musicians are all pupils at a special school for severely disabled children. By using internet knowledge it will pair them up with the Halle orchestra to play the pieces.


Have a good evening x

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Hi just a quickly from me,


Lovely fascinator Linda , Ruth's wedding is not till 29th April next year, but she has most things organised except dresses,


Hope you enjoy hotel stay Eliza


Thinking of you Lisa ,I agree do what you feel is best for you,


To everyone else hello and hope you are well

Embroidery for me tonight again

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