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Foggy wednesday

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Good morning just got back from food shopping, I hope those not feeling well are on the way up and much better today. I am about to start my second Welsh slate piece, going to try doing a clouded leapord and some mountain goats as the slate is telling me there are mountains there and a cave.



I did some retail therapy on line Sunday and those bits are on there way to me, they are 2 tea cosy books, a kumquat tree Julie bought for me and three sets of cable needles that I can knit the tea cosies in the round. I did see that the sewing bee is back on Monday will enjoy watching that , does any one watch , making something out of nothing at 3.45 every day, Sarah goes to the tip and picks out three things to turn in to saleable items very interesting programme.


I am also painting fairies on pebbles, and hope to make a broken terracotta pot as a fairy garden , like the pic below.. Enjoy your crafty day.


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Afternoon everyone,


Hope everyone is feeling better today, another good day weather wise here but heard it's to be the last nice one


Eliza you sure got a good week for your holiday,

Hope you are enjoying it, is the bed comfy? Always my worry with all my aches and I take a mattress topper with me


Thank you for the thumbs up on the sewing bee Linda

I like the photo of the fairy garden it's my type of thing

Linda I too have had trouble getting into forum, and needed to find another way in , I thought it was something I had done, maybe Denise can check it out


Denise please tell me forum is not downgrading any idea what is going on


Must go hang out more washing ladies bbl

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Wow been another belter of a day so couldn't stay indoors. Got back home about 6 and just had my tea.


Pleased sewing bee is back next week - I love that programme.


I have seen the something out of nothing the odd time.  It amazes me sometimes what she sells the new items for and who would pay that much


Someone on FB had a big planter that was her late  father/grandfather I think and after it broke she made it into a fairy garden - clever idea and still has the pot there for the memories.


Don't know whats going on with forum.  Have mentioned a few times to HQ about problems and they do say they will look into it but heard nothing back yet.


Thin k I'll have shower and pit my nightie on then feet up and do so hooky - 10 boobs finished and number 11 started. Will take a pic tomorrow and upload it with pics of my squares blankets.


Have a lovely evening ladies. Catch you later

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Another nice day, the bed is not the best but comfy sofa so I sleep a while then transfer to lounge, would be a problem if weather not good as heating is storage heaters which seem rubbish, cotrage is lovely though.


went to Felbrigg Hall today and they had cushions on display from the Norfolk embroiderers guild, very inspirational, I was more interested in them than the property, it's quite strange as since I did the hoop and trees last week and got all inspired to do more embroidery ive picked up 4 books, various yarns I can use and now seen these 40 cushions.


I also gasp at how much she gets for some of the things she sells from recycled tip things, bet if it wasn't on tv it would be different.


I'm doing laundry here, didn't bring enough thin clothes, have a washer dryer so not bad..


hope everyone who was poorly is improving.

keep crafting

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