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Hi it's me again

Been out for coffee and a bacon roll, also to vet to collect the dogs medication,

I returned a top I had bought and ended up buying 3more

Sun out here and temp 16 degrees


Think it's sewing for me this afternoon


I am waiting on news of my niece she is in labour , she was admitted on Saturday as baby not been moving, so they gave her pessary and a sweep but no joy so another sweep done over the weekend, still no joy so a drip was given to speed things up, and now she has had her water broken at 8am this morning

I feel so sorry for her

Hope you are enjoying g a nice day bbl

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Hi CN yes I am enjoying the day as the sun has just come out, and I finished painting my slate. Now I am off to the cabin to find another piece of slate to paint on. Did you have to come on to the forum from a different way, I usually just press forum at top of home page but now I have to go to bottom of page to join in on the forum.


I am glad you have the sun at last, and also hope your niece has her baby soon


Well I am off down the garden, will be back later.

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Hope the new baby arrives safe Liz. .been into Norwich today. .I didn't get much..another craft book and 4 balls of grey eyelash wool for 99p..ready for a grey haired doll or maybe use it in embroidery I'm planning.


Just been in hot tub..left hubby in there.


Have you heard..great british sewing bee..next Monday BBC 2 @ 9.00..so new day and later time..


Right crafty people I'm going to embroider a bit more..thought I'd have finished this one but not getting on with it.


Have a good evening

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Hello it's been raining here all day but the up side is that it's far less humid. I have actually been working today and have a couple of meetings tomorrow which I have had to prepare for.


Liz my heart goes out to your niece, she must be very upset and worried.


Denise it's the City Hospital, Nottingham where Jo works, I don't think they have hats from a charity as she often says they are running out.


I'm going to get some tea and settle to some knitting for a couple of hours.

Have a good evening.


Have you seen the GB sewing bee is back next week.

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