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What a belter of a day  :)  Had Sophie for a couple of hours this morning and this afternoon went out for my monthly lunch date with 2 friends.


The oven had blown up and there wouldn't be any food for at least an hour. As it was a lovely day we decided to sit outside (overlooking the marina) and as we are regulars got 2 free coffees and a tea.  When we went back in to order there was again a little delay so by way of an apology they gave us 20% off our food bill - brilliant


We then sat outside afterwards for another hour as the sun was still belting down its rays  :)


Sounds like this coughing problem is affecting a few of us - hope it clears up for everyone sooner rather than later.


Suzy the charity you are doing the boobs for also do tiny hats - some tiny enough to fit an egg.  They may already be on the charity's list in which case they can contact them and ask for small hats. If not on the list they could join and get a form and tick boxes of what they need.  Let me know which hospital it is and I can check this out and let you know to pass on to your friend.


Have a lovely evening ladies

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Liz what a pity you couldn't go look at the dresses.  Hope Ruth's toothache eases soon.


Suzy wow on the tiny hats!  I assume the little flap is for equipment/tubes to go through.  Don't worry about the heat in our little home.  There's a flat below us and just us above, the bedrooms only get a bit of sun first thing and we have an air-con unit we bought many years ago :D


Goose oh my!  Ovens blowing up!?!  Sounds like you had a great time though.


Well work was unbearably hot again.  Apparently the heating is on first thing for those who start at 6am... The time went mega fast though.  It's unbelievable how quickly my work day is over!


Home now and cooling in front of the air-con that DF set up whilst I was at work.  Don't know about anyone else but the heat always makes my feet ache!


Anyhow have a good evening folks and I hope all coughs and colds clear up pronto :)

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Evening folks,


Ruth tells me the tooth that broke and was extracted on ThursdAy was still bleeding on and off yesterday, I think she may have an infection in the cavity


The whisky idea Suzy is one I had forgotten about, think she uses the clove oil though, thanks


Sewing machine been on the go again tonight, back in the swing with my crafting,

Hope weather is nice again tomorrow we had 18 degrees today


Night night folks

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