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Sun again..can't belive the change to snow just over a week ago.



Congratulations to the newly weds..I pictured Chole with her wand ribbon flowers. .children so make a wedding extra special.


KnF the cardigan is nice. .hope your well enough to wear it at the wedding.


A lazy day today..going to just sit at the side of the river while the weather is so nice..tomorrow we plan to go by train into Norwich and have a steak at Weth***(**($..


Yesterday we had a run to Gt Yarmouth.. been twice before the first time 45 years ago when hubby and I took our first holiday together there ..I was ill just before we went and he caught it from me..a disaster. The romance of bronchitis. .second time 30 years ago a family holiday..the children all entranced by punch and judy and my niece sat in her pushchair waving her legs around shouting Judy Judy Judy... yesterday I bought some jewellery bits and embroidery thread for my cushion and to add to my stash ready to make the embroidery scenes of my next hobby of which my enthusiasm is bubbling.


Well crafters..mind blank. Watching home fires on catch up while sewing.


Have a good day.

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Good morning all, We have cloud but warm, not as hot as yesterday thank goodness, we had temperatures of 27c.


Kn&F hope you are on the up and feeling better, And hugs to any one who needs them.


ELISA are you going to do more weaving I really loved your trees in the embroidery hoop.


I am going to carry on with my multiple crafts and do what ever catches my fancy as well as sitting in the garden. Enjoy a crafty day all .

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Good morning ladies. We have sunshine too. Sorry  you were ill, so much going around at the moment. Look forward to seeing what you make with the goodies you bought Eliza. I finished the hat I started & will put it on another time. Chunky yarn knits up very quickly. Thankfully I am almost over the cough/cold I had. Last night was the first out of 10 nights I have not coughed during the early hours. Now I need some energy, 2 weeks off the virus seemed to take it out of me. DH better too, doctor gave him another inhaler to use 4 times daily. 2 neighbours ill with virus too. It was very humid over the w/end & we saw on TV storms had been around but thankfully we never had any. Had a heat haze tho which sounds funny this time of year. Have a lovely day everyone. Bye Bluebell

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Morning all :)


Had to run a few errands around town after I dropped the girls off at school and then a bit of shopping.  DF cooks the girls their tea whilst I'm at work so it's just me and him to feed later.  I've decided I'm having a homemade pizza :D


Still very warm and humid here too.  I've got the big Velux living room window open but the blind still down to cut out some of the heat.  I hope they thought to turn the heating off at work otherwise it will be roasting again!


Eliza sitting at the side of the river sounds so relaxing!  Enjoy :P

Linda sounds like you have a relaxing day planned too!

Bluebell glad to hear you're finally getting better.

K&F had a peak at your floaty cardigan and its lovely ^_^


Right best be off as there are a few things I need to get done before work later.

Have a great day folks x


ETA can't remember if I said but my sister has got a job at my place too and starts in a few weeks time!  I'll get to see her everyday in the week :D

Edited by Su2ie

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Afternoon all

It's a nice day for us , not the temps you are getting down south, but for us it's good


Need to go collect medication at chemist ,we didn't make it to wedding dress sale as Ruth has bad toothache again it seems a nerve is exposed and she can t be seen till wednesday

at dentist


Hope everyone gets some craft time bbl

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Good afternoon, I have managed a few hours on the office but it was just to hot so I have decamped back home to work. We had a lovely lunch out yesterday sitting outside the pub where a nice breeze was blowing. I had an sos plea from a friend who is a neonatal sister for tiny hats (really tiny) as everyone is knitting bigger sizes and non for the tiny babies. I have managed six upto now and will do a few more tonight. You would think they would be quick to do but are so fiddly in 2ply yarn on 1.75 needles.



Eliza I'm pleased the sun has shown its face for you. Arabella Sutuart was the granddaughter of Bess and niece of Mary Queen of Scott's, her mother was Elizabeth Cavandish (the daughter of Besses second marriage) and great great granddaughter of HenryVII who had the strong claim to the throne. She was at court when Bess wasn't and brought up as a princess. Bess more or less kept Arabella as a prisoner so she couldn't marry against her wishes and was sent to the tower by King James for trying to escape to France. She refused to eat and died not long afterwards at 40.


Liz I hope Ruth is ok, has she tried oil of cloves or a drop (or more) of whisky rubbed on it. Believe you me you don't want it as hot and humid as it is here.


Suzie I don't envy you in your flat with heat rising, it must be unbearable. So pleased your job is going well, it wil do you good to get out of the home.


Bluebell hope you all,feel better soon.


K&F so nice to see you back and love the cardi, positive thoughts and gentle (((hugs))) that you get to go to the wedding even for a short while.


Enjoy your crafting Linda, you are worse than me forever changing what you are crafting at one time. But they do say a change is as good as a rest.


Here are the tiny hats, it is a twelve inch rule against them with them measuring 3" across, you wouldn't believe they could fit a baby but I have been to our natal unit and they do?

Have a good afternoon and evening x

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