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Still have the Sun..think it's here today and tomorrow then dulls..can't complain though.


Glad Stepdad ok..amazing what our bodies can take..


Hope the cold / cough goes away.. ((((hugs)))) although glad they are virtual wouldn't want to catch it.


Going to put phone on charge..then take my cuppa and embroidery outside. .yes at 6.40.. still iny pj's but no one around and they are leisure style..altho brown with pink hearts on. look a bit animal print from a distance. .weird but I don't think anybody will see me at this early hour.


Have a crafty Sunday

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Morning :)


Eliza I'm sure no one will bat an eyelid at you in your PJ's if they see you ;) Enjoy your embroidery.


Goose hope you're feeling better this morning (((hugs))) back.


Bit of a strange night for me as both girls now have a rash like mine although not quite so spotty so I was rubbing neem oil onto it at 2am!


Nice and sunny here today after last night's storm.  Have loads of de-creasing to do though and a Sunday roast to cook so not sure if we'll have chance to get out. 


Have a nice crafty day folks x

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Good morning it's beautiful here again, apart from going out for lunch I don't have anything else planned for the day. I finished off a baby blanket yesterday in trinity stitch and have started another c2c one, plus a couple of crocheted boobs.


Eliza was it Oxburgh Hall you went to enroute to Norfolk? I know they hold some tapestries made by Bess and Mary. They were never friends but Bess had to keep Mary entertained while she was under house arrest of George Talbot (Bess's husband) at Chatsworth and Hardwick. Mary was blamed for the breakdown of Bess and Georges marriage and although he was infatuated by Mary he had to sign her death warrant as ordered by Elizabeth 1st who was a friend of Bess.


Suzie sorry you have all have rashes and hope you do manage to get out even for a tiny while.


Are you feeling better today Denise? I've done a couple more boobs ready to send off.


I need to do a couple of bits before I go out so bye for now.

Hope everyone has a good Sunday. I've added a close up pic of the blanket to show the White yarn is sparkley.

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Baby blanket is so sweet Suzy, enjoy your lunch


Hope rash is not sinister su2ie can be so annoying though

Do you all feel ill with it?


Eliza your holiday sounds perfect, make the most of it


I am away to go food shopping as tomorrow Ruth wants to look at wedding dresses, our fridge is empty so needs must


We have heavy rain showers today, destined to miss the good weather here on the coast


Hugs to all in need of them bfn

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That's it Oxburgh. I get mixed up these days in the politics of history. .we went to Hardwick Hall the other week and they had displays relating to Bess' s granddaughter who was a well kept secret as she could have taken the crown..lost or forgotten princess or something..as I said my memory is too fuzzy these days to remember details..still enjoy visiting these places.


Suzie how's the rashes.. ? Hope your all okay.


Love the baby blanket

. Going out into the sun again..top up my vitamin D.

Edited by Eliza28

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Thanks for the concern over the rashes.  I went to the docs during the week and she said it was viral and just prescribed the use of antihistamines.  The neem oil really does the trick though as its a bit of a cure all :)


Haven't managed to get out as there's been too much to do at home and now I'm cooking Sunday dinner.  There never seem to be enough hours in the day.  DF has been studying programming so has been "out of commission".  I did manage to crochet a few flowers whilst I bathed Alex earlier ^_^


Suzy love the blankets, they look so delicate :P

Liz my rash is mostly gone now but it was very irritating.  It came along with a cold so all a bit odd!  Hope you do get some good weather soon.  How annoying being near the coast and getting rain!

Eliza did you get spotted this morning in your pj's?  :D Enjoy the sun.


Right best get back to the lunch and get the Yorkies in.  They're always a bit hit and miss with me so wish me luck they turn out okay!


Bye for now x

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