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Sunny Saturday

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Suzie good your better and passed inspection.


Goose..shhh.sorry 28c it read on our car for outside temperature. . Too hot just now



Liz..hope Niamh enjoys pperforming exciting or nerve wracking for you?


Sarah..they are not babies long are they..I don't see my grandchildren often so although I get daily updates I still go '' oh look and awww bless'' when I see them..good the boys helped.


Bought 2 great 2nd hand.embroidery books today..3D pictures. . Think.the.hoop picture inspired me and I was.wanting a new.craft..lots to.do on cushion I'm embroidering.now but thought I can start collecting materials..


Keep crafting

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Cushion covers look very professional su2ie, nice job

Good the inspection went well for you


Sarah it was me that asked about alia, I am glad to hear you all managed to share the child minding


Eliza did you say 28 degrees ,oh send some up here

Nice holiday then?, embroidery books too..


Niamh did well the kids rehearsed from 10_1pm then did two shows from 4_7pm , niamh fell asleep in between rehearsal and show but she said she is wasn't tired lol


Chilly here and damp we are not long home so no crafting done



Hope you get the heatwave tomorrow Denise

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Heat is weird..sat in pj's now trying to cool down ..door wide open..hubby in hot tub still ! I gave up.. sat feet up..a bit of a breeze on me and I'm doing embroidery which in Eliza's world embroidery is the new quilting as quilting became.the new fairy making..I do tend to get obsessed. .never used to.


Pleased Niamh coped..it is a lot for them. .rehearsals and show on same day seems a bit much.but as long as she wasn't tired..bless..LOL.


right back to my stitching, altho getting a bit dark

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I think it's great when I read posts about starting new crafts I really enjoy trying something new .been to see my stepdad tonight he is now in the room next door to the special care bit as he is doing well said he might go home Tuesday but in four to six weeks time he has to go back in to have something done but they don't no what yet.i think he is just great full to be here as they have told him they had to put the paddles on him three times that's why he felt bruised so has to take it easy when he comes home.thanks again for asking after him .xxlisa

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Evening all :)


Liz good to hear Niamh did well. Sounds like she needed a snooze lol.

Eliza crazy weather! We've had a thunder storm so it feels fresher. Nothing wrong with a bit of crafting obsession;)

Lisa good to hear your step dad is improving.


Been a busy day here with inspection and cushions and a bit of crochet.

Anyhow, nighty night all X

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The sun did peep out for a short while and then disappeared.


This stinking cold and cough is doing my head in  :angry:    :angry: (((hugs))) for those who are in same boat or just want a hug.


Off to bed will have a proper read of your posts tomorrow



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