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Sunny Saturday

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Morning all :)


Not been on for a few days as I've been feeling a bit rough.  I went down with a cold and a nasty itchy rash.  Doc wasn't very helpful with the rash so I decided to use neem oil as its antibacterial and antiviral and it really helped :D


Anyhow been a bit of a bad one for the girls too with both of them bashing their knees (Ellie's dressing stuck to hers!) and they've had high temps too along with accompanying rash for Alex.


Not got much crafting done as been trying to tidy up and find homes for everything as we have a landlord inspection later.  DF has promised he's going to put his tools and hobby stuff in the understairs cupboard before the landlord arrives :ph34r:


Anyhow I hope everyone has a super Saturday with loads of crafting.


Speak later x

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Hi su2ie, sorry to hear you have been poorly


Not done any crafting all week, hope to remedy that over the weekend


Niamh has her first dancing show today so we have tickets for that


Not much else to report ,hope you all have a good saturday

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Its dull misty and cold - tomorrow is supposed to be our day for hotter weather but we will have to wait and see   :ph34r:


All my shopping done and chancing washing will dry as sun is trying really hard to come out to play.


Continuing with boob making today as the charity is in great need and hoping for 300.


Su2ie its all the cold weather we are having thats effecting our health. I've got a cold and a nasty tickly sort of dry cough - as if something is stuck and I need to clear my throat. Hope you all get better soon and inspection is ok.


Liz how exciting Niamh's first show hope you have alovely time.


What ever you all have planned or not, hope you all have a lovely day


Take care

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Hello everyone

A bit chilly here this morning, but the sun is shining so I know it will warm up later. We have had a lot of rain over the last few days so hopefully the sun will dry out the chairs on the deck. 


I'm over the actual being ill stage but was told recuperating may take a while. Someone asked who's been looking after Alia, well her dad took some time off as he is allowed 'personal days' for family problems and children being home sick etc. But mostly my boys have rallied around and looked after her between them working different hours. 


Alia has grown a personality now, a cheeky one :D She will sit on your lap if you're by a computer (hard not to be by a computer in our house, we have one in every room but the bathrooms :D ) and she'll reach out and pull the keyboard towards herself, then she holds her hands over the keys as though to press them all but then she'll turn to look at you with the biggest cheekiest grin on her face waiting for you to stop her.


I haven't really done much in the way of crafting, I did manage to make a few cushion covers for the chairs outside, I made one a day while I wasn't feeling too bad. I still need to make some for the bench though. 


I hope Niamh's dance show goes well Liz and the house inspection Suzie. I'm sure he's looking more for damage to fixtures and fittings rather than a bit of clutter though Suzie.


That's a lot of boob's to knit Goose, how long does it take you to make one? Good luck with them.


Have a great Saturday all, hope you get time for lots of crafting

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Phew, inspection went well :) The landlord just inspected the windows to make sure they were in good order (for insurance?) and that the radiators weren't falling off the walls as tenants in other properties hadn't reported stuff like that. Must admit I was worrying as it's time to renew the tenancy but it all went okay without any increase in rent & we've had the go ahead for decorating where we want to as well :D


It hasn't taken the girls long to get their stuff back out and scattered and I've got the sewing machine out and made a cushion cover. I've got one more to do. I bought a scraps bag the other week with upholstery type rectangles so I'm using them up for the cushion covers.


Goose sorry to hear you've not got sunshine. We're due showers later... well done with a great "boob" job ;)


Sarah I must have missed where you said you've been unwell again. Hope you're well on the road to recovery. Alia sounds wonderful. Won't be long before she knows how to use the computers too B)


Well I'd best get sewing the 2nd cushion cover. Great thing is the scraps have the edges treated to prevent fraying as they must have been samples so I don't have to zigzag the seams.


Speak later x


ETA just finished the cushion covers :)


Edited by Su2ie

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