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A Happy Good Morning To All. 😀

Now.....Let's see what the day brings. I think maybe a trip to the shops, which will definitely involve passing by my Local Yarn Shop. 😄 I will also be doing knitting at some point.....of course. 😊 Maybe lunch out with Jay, and a walk too. 😀

Have a lovely Friday everyone. x 😃

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That sounds a nice plan.. my plans are .travel to Norfolk calling in at a national trust house to see an embroidery exhibition which includes some worked by Mary Queen of Scotts. After arriving at our waterside cottage I will do some embroidery of my own sat out if possible. .a dip in the hot tub to ease the aches from traveling with a sip of wine.


Have a good day all with crafty time.

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Good morning, it looks llike another sunny day and with predicted temperatures of 21c. I already have two lines full of curtains and another load in the machine.

I don't have many plans for today apart from the preschool run as dictated by Leah, apparently "no nana, no school".


Enjoy your day With Jay Tracey, pleased his mum has settled again it must be very worrying with her so far away. Don't go mad in the yarn shop lol.


Have a great holiday Eliza and that the weather holds.


I'm going o have some fruit and yogurt for breakfast, then see to madam before I dice salad stuff for lunch.


Have a good day x

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You are good Suzy fruit and yogurt for breakfast, I had a full English. But worked some of it off by stringing up more bells in the cherry tree.


Enjoy your holiday in Norfolk and bring home some good ideas, daughter Jade is travelling from Norfolk tonight to here for the weekend she is going with John to choose his wedding suit and then Saturday is the family meal out.


Glad it is Friday for you Tracey enjoy your time off , and the yarn shop.


I am going to saw notches in the plastic hoolahoop ready to warp it with the kite string I salvaged from sons skip, then start weaving with the white T-shirt yarn.


The sun is very warm here so a little bit of work at a time in the garden and sitting down inside in the coolest part of the house with a cuppa.


Talk later.

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Morning all light cloud here but the sun is trying to peep through.


Had a lovely morning up to now singing row row row your boat - 10 fat sausages sizzling in the pan etc etc.  :)  Sophie now reading a book so thought I'd pop in to say hello - hello.


Eliza hope you have a lovely holiday with good accommodation too


Tracey isn't friday your favourite day as you then have 2 days off work to knit  ;)


Linda hope you were careful when decorating the tree 


Suzy I have porridge for breakfast and had a satsuma at 10.30 with Sophie 


Have a lovely day.  BBL


Take care

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Afternoon everyone,


I have been waiting on a parcel, promised morning delivery but it's the usual story, it's a coffee machine I got Ruth as an engagement present,as they love mine that I got last month


Hope you enjoy your journey Eliza and the stop off at national trust property


Denise you must be in great singing voice lol, when niamh was little her favourite was ;the wheels on the bus;


Our weather here is overcast and predicted temp was 10degrees

Wish I had the heat from the south of the country


It's HW today and the school run at 3pm, wanted to take dogs to country park but stuck here waiting on parcel


Lisa hope your step dad is a bit better


Suzy great you got all the curtains on the line, send me some hot weather please


Away to cook my mince for tonights shepherd s pie

Take care and have a good day

Edited by crafty nannie

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