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It looks and sounds lovely Eliza, so happy for you


Lisa hope your step dad continues to improve, is he in a major hospital


Well the wedding is booked it's only taken Ruth a week from getting engaged, venue sorted and band provisionally booked . We go to look at dresses on Monday as one large wedding business selling out due to ill health, closes in 6weeks

So wedding is 29th April 2017,


Linda pass all your wedding ideas my way lol

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Liz invites make them simple save a fortune, no sticky out bits that push up postage plenty of info on them. . Favours agaiin simple..my sons wedding we did little scrolls..tied with ribbon and verses on saying things like '' dear friends, thank you for helping to maknge our day so memorable'' names..date and venue. I'll think and get back to you. We had 3 different verses on scrolls which got guests chatting


.evening party. .inflatable palm trees..giant genga , chess..hoopla ... limbo dancing and space hoppers...okay maybe not for everyone but great fun.. I fell of my space hopper.. 8 years ago..do you belive me?


Disco ended with New York New York ..

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Manged a few boobs today - the crocheted kind not mistakes  :lol: good way to use up odds and ends sent by Liz  :)


Lisa good to hear your step dad is ok. Well done on the embroidery


Suzy if Sophie wants a piece of fruit, a banana etc she always gives everybody the same and if not enough will share hers


Liz I have a set of children's CD's  and sometimes the tunes are similar to each other but if I ask Sophie which song it is she knows every time. Her mam has a karaoke and they have a nursery rhyme CD which they play and Sophie loves singing into the microphone  :)


Eliza looks like you have got it right with the holiday - looks lovely and so relaxing.


Full of cold and have a dry cough - hope it clears soon before it goes to my head.


Bedtime for me so goodnight all

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