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Thank you ladies for the good wishes .my stepdad has had a good night they didn't manage to unblock the stent so at the moment we don't no what they will do my sister and half brother are on there way from Norwich to see him.i have had a few hours this morning and I managed to embroidery on two baby grows and one bit( I did manage to ruin two before I got it right lol) my friend has shown me how to use it much better for me to be shown.eliza have a great holiday.enjoy a crafty Friday.lisa xxx




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Good your step dad is comfortable keep us informed of his progress Lisa

You are doing great with that new machine ,well done


Still no parcel here I hate waiting in for deliveries

Well getting HW done slowly so not lost the day completely



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Hello again, still nice and warm here but now overcast which is making it muggy. I ended up going back to Lisa's for a natter without the piggy who has big ears! I also ended up picking Leah up from preschool while Lisa did lunch for us. So I've not been home long, it took me an age to get home due to a head on smash on the road I have to use. Even though I didn't see the accident it shook me up to see the greatly modified cars and both the ambulances and the air ambulance on the adjacent playing field.


Lisa I hope they manage to unblock your stepdads stent, I know it's hard but he is in the right place to sort him out. Sending you and your mum gentle hugs and healing wishes. Love the embroidery and quite envious of your machine, I keep looking at them but can't justify the expense for something I wouldn't use to its fullest. Enjoy it.


Linda a low cal/fat diet is essential at the moment as I put on half a stone while away. It would have been rude not to taste the cakes/meals form different suppliers Judith is looking for her new venture of a combined coffee/supply shop.

Enjoy your meal out and your time with Jafe.


Denise I have porridge in winter and a lighter breakfast in the summer. Is Sophie like Leah and says 'we share' and then eats the lions share? Thanks for the pattern I have made one and a half and will sew up several when they are crocheted.


Liz i hate waiting in for parcels, it drives me mad. I will try and blow some warm wind up to you, I might even swap it for some of your shepherds pie (yum yum,).

I'm not rubbing it in but it's over 22c here although muggy and a warning of polluted smog over the weekend..


I hope I haven't missed anyone, have a good weekend xx

Just thought I would add these, I think it describes 99% of us!!!

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Phew it's been really quite hot and muggy here today. 🌞

Decided on shopping with mum this morning. Then Jay met us for lunch, which was lovely. 😊

Now it's time to relax.....And I'm sure you all know what I'll be doing. 😄

Eliza - Have a lovely holiday. 😃

Take care all and have a great evening. x

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Hi ladies my stepdad has had a Scan of his heart and it is starting to by pass the blocked stent don't ask me how that works because I don't quite understand it he will still be well monitored as it's a bit up and down until it settles down.dont want to worry anyone so just want to add that they said its unheard of a stent getting blocked and they really don't no why his other stent is fine .thanks again for asking after him .lisa xx

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Stopped at the NT house,, Bess of Hardwick and Mary Queen of Scotts were doing the embroideries between them as quilt n go panels, them the big fall out ,, think it was put together after they both departed.


our cottage is beautiful, well kitted out and look at this view from our patio door.post-483411-0-05850400-1462558931_thumb.jpg


we have goid Wifi, netfl***** movies, no phone signal, well a poor signal, even real plants scattered around and the hot tub is locely, surrounded by bamboo plants.


enough boasting, think after last break...


tonight I may embroider sat out.


hope your all okay and crafty

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