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Just on my lunch break. .been to see my aunt..she's okay but so confused in a not confused way..eh? ..she sounds sensible but it's all wrong..she says she's going to a wedding on Saturday told me where it is and reception and who's getting married which are both care workers and they are getting married but next year and the rest is fantasy. . my aunt is not playing the organ as she says

.she got cross as I'd not sorted her an outfit to wear..by time I get back from holiday she will hopefully be over this..she's been on about it for months and its always May 7th..


Happy Birthday Linda.. nice day you have.


Right my lunch is ready. .off into the garden to eat..6 days since we had snow.


Keep crafting

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Happy birthday Linda, have a good day


Good to hear from you Sarah, sorry you have been ill

Hope you are better soon, who is looking after alia


Nice little bird Lisa ,you are great already


Hope you are ready for your holiday Eliza, have a relaxing time


Sunny here but still a bit chilly,not yet sitting in garden weather


Hope everyone is well bbl

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Afternoon, it's been glorious here too so we have been in Lisa's garden most of the day watching Leah play.


Many happy returns of the day Linda, I hope you have had a good day.


Oh dear Sarah, are you on the road to recovery now? sending you gentle hugs.


Liz take care of yourself and don't let Ruth wear you out.


Denise what yarn are you using for your boobs? If I can help with some I will do out of my stash.


Eliza when I made a cone holder for my pointy scissors I poked a bit of cotton wool into the bottom so the points didn't find their way through the fabric. I hope your aunt has forgotten about the wedding by the next time you see her.


k&F she says she has been up and down and not feeling very well at all. She also said she hopes all n here are OK.


I am starting a crochet shawl for myself with a lace weight textured yarn, I don't know how long it will take me to do it alongside premie hats and little jackets.


Have a good evening

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Sun has been out most of day very enjoyable. Got a bit hooky done in the garden  :) .


Will be doing a bit more hooky after tea more boobs of all colours 


Sara  nice to hear from you but sorry to hear you aren't feeling too good.  Positive vibes and get well (((hugs))) headed your way


Suzy have sent you a pm re boobs they can be any colour thank you. Can't remember if I mentioned they are done in DK


Sending positive vibes and get well (((hugs))) to K&F 


Have a lovely evening ladies

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Happy birthday Linda x.ladies I can't take credit for the bird the machine does it for you I wish I could do it by hand but don't have a clue.i have had a bad afternoon been up the hospital with my mum stepdad had anther heart attack but it's one of the stents they put in July has got blocked they have tried to unblock it but couldn't so is in Ccu they said he more then likely have anther one got to weight as they say the other side of the heart will learn to compensate for it.thats what I understood from the heart doctor.talking my mum back up tomorrow .xx

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