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crafty nannie


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Hi everyone,

Been busy last few days, but I am fine Eliza


No crafting done here as Ruth is in full wedding plan mode

She has had us away to visit wedding venues and look up live bands

Also planning favours and flowers, I can't sleep as my head is buzzing

With it all, she needs to slow down but she is excited


I have had niamh since she came home from school, she is sleeping here as Ruth away to Aberdeen


The photos of your work ladies is so good, I love the hoop and brooch eliza

And your embroidery Lisa great first attempt

Linda love both your pieces


Well I must try and sleep as I have a little girl to get ready for school

For 9am


Have a good day hope you are all well

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Good your okay Liz. .don't overdo helping on the wedding. .you need to be well to enjoy the day. .it is exciting though. .do they have a date set.


I've just been out of bed and on my sewing machine making a scissor holder as suddenly thought I should pack my little pointed scissors to help with my embroidery on holiday..back in bed now.. bought a quilting magazine yesterday and packed that straight away so I don't peep.


Glad you liked my hoop embroidery or weaving or what ever it is..I made another brooch last night..using up lots of tapestry yarns I had.


My new curtains and matching fabric I'm embrodering for cushions, was out yesterday and came across a pack of fat quarters with 2 of them the same pattern only very scaled down, no idea what I will make but reduced from £20 to £8 so I was forced into buying them.


Keep crafting

A busy day ahead but I'll look in again later.

Edited by Eliza28

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Morning ladies no school run today granddaughters school is a polling station so day off.i have brought some dribble bibs so I going have ago at embroidering on them today for my nephew s baby I did buy three plain baby grows but got carried away and tried to write his name on it but it went wrong .so I thought a bib would be Easier I did mange I little bird yesterday on a scrap bit worked out how to turn the writing let you no how I get on later.sun is out here hope is nice where you ladies are have a wonderful day.lisa xx


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Hi Ho.....Hi Ho.....It's off to work I go. 😄

Have a fab day everyone. Enjoy the lovely sunshine. 🌞


Linda this is for you.....Excuse my singing. 😂

Happy Birthday to you.

Happy Birthday to you.

Happy Birthday dear Linda.

Happy Birthday to you.


Have a lovely Birthday Linda. Enjoy your day. 🎈 🎂

Must go, best not be late for work. I don't like rushing last minute. x

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Lovely and sunny here - 2 days in a row now we are getting spoilt.


Going to crochet some boobs this afternoon as charity is in great need - more of your yarn Liz.


Liz  take it easy - look after yourself


Eliza it would have been rude not to buy the fat quarters  ;)


Tracey hope work goes well


Lisa love the little bird done in cross stitch so clever..  My bestie has a fab embroidery machine and when she first got it she wanted to run before she could walk so I know how excited you are.


Linda I would sing too but..... only thing it would be good for is to keep birds away from your cherry trees  :lol:  Have a lovely birthday


Right must make a cuppa and some sarnies for lunch otherwise DH might start taking bites out of the table.


Have a good day


Take care

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Hello everyone,


Just popped in to say hello quickly. I've been quite sick and not up to anything lately. 


Happy Birthday Linda, I hope you have a great day. 


Nice embroidered bird Lisa what are you going to do with it?


I hope everyone has a great day, I'm going back to bed.

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