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May Day Monday

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Look forward to seeing what you come up with ELISA with your hoop.


I haven't achieved anything today except to order some t shirt yarn and some bits for my spinning wheel . Orifice hook, a wooden holder for rewound yarn on my ball winder and some weaving bobbin holders.


I am going to crochet a tuffet with the t shirt yarn and weave a matching rug on the hoola hoop. Well that is hopefully what I want to do, Linda x

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At long last I can say hello.


On a whim we decided to go and visit some relatives in Sheffiled which is normally about 2 hrs 45 ish drive.


Great to see them but coming home - Bank Holiday traffic  :o  needless to say it took a bit longer.


Its amazing sitting in a car not doing anything strenuous  (bit hooky) and you end up being absolutely shattered - how does that work  :lol:


Linda hoop idea sounds lovely so does tee shirt yarn - seen that done before nice and big and chunky.


Sorry I did read posts but it 's all gone.


All I can say is a very early goodnight and off to bed shortly.


See you in the morning all bright and fresh (hopefully)

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