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It's a lovely sunny day here, and it even feels warmish, as there is no wind. We went for a lovely walk this morning, then out for lunch to our local Mexican Restaurant, they do delicious Burrito's with sour cream and guacamole. Washed down with a glass of cold white wine. Was yummy. 😄

Eliza - Glad your aunt's ok. Hope your shoulder pain has eased too. 😊

Liz - Sounds like lots of floor mopping with 12 big muddy paws around. Hope the weather brightens up for you.....and the dogs! 🶠🶠ðŸ¶

I'm going to carry on lounging this afternoon.....with my knitting of course.

Take Care All. x😀

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Evening all crafty friends


Tracey your day does sound perfect, wish I was still able to go for a walk


Eliza your family is right aunt not seriously hurt,she will probably have slept most of the day. I hope your shoulder recovers quickly


I have another knee quilt cut ready for the machine, a job for tomorrow maybe, my arm is swollen and red where I have pins and plates in the elbow think I have been overdoing the sewing


Raining here tonight thank goodness I have laminate through out the house, dogs are messy, thank goodness one dog goes home tomorrow evening


Catch you all tomorrow

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All those muddy paws Liz.. maybe you need to ease off the sewing a few days..a while ago I had problem with my shoulder and back and was seeing doctor for general checkup..he asked me what I'd been doing to my shoulder..I said a bit of sewing - he looked at me shook his head and said well do a ''bit'' less.


I now agree everyone was right I shouldn't feel guilty not going to visit my aunt, we will visit in a few days when I feel better.


Sorry can't think what everyone has said..guess I'm tired.


Night all

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