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Morning all.


I was woken at 4.00 this morning, my aunt fallen out of bed and taken to hospital, a care worker has gone with her, it's one thing after another these days.. not sure if she was trying to get up or what..


Liz we are going to Norfolk. .have booked a lodge over looking one of the moorings on the Broads, it sounds nice and has good reviews so we will see, just hope we get there now, has a balcony so I have visions of sitting in the sun embroidery in hand... I made a start on the embroidery last night just to see if it works . Think it will look good and it was nice to sew... I'm doing 2 not sure how to do the second one as the pattern falls strange. .I cut the main central pattern out for one I'm embroidering which left 2 side bits..I'm thinking I may be able to make a feature of the seam.. thinking cap on. Will take a while to do first one so plenty of time to think while I sew.


Think my first task today will be clean the house. .hopefully the dust will have settled. .I will contact the care home to see where and how my aunt is but I don't think we will visit as she will sleep most of the day after being up during the night.


I'm dropping hints to hubby about making me a cuppa. He's not taking it.


Have a crafty Sunday.. depending on ''things'' I may be back later.

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Well I'm back..couldn't get back to sleep so sat looking into garden..knitting and watching tv..just watched Garden Challenge..now watching Debbie Shore on applique then it swap craft channels to a new and exclusive sewing show. .


There seems to be Die's for all things sewing now..I can't get my head around them but guess that's me.. my background was design then make from scratch. .I remember doing the theory on City n Guilds textiles and my mum saying ''I've sewn all my life nevet once wrote about it'' when I did BA she just shrugged and said something about you could have been wearing it by time you've written all that..guess I'm getting a bit like that..if you want an applique of a beach hut just cut a square and triangle then add bits, why do you need a Die..can you tell I'm in grumpy old woman mode this morning... I need sleep..plus when phone rang early I jumped and jarred my shoulder and now hubby is snoring away.


Yes grumpy old woman definitely. .


Bye again...from grumpy who's sleepy

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Afternoon all wet and miserable here. DS DIL and Sophie out for day so only me DH and my sister for dinner.


I got my 80 squares finished and have started joining them up. Then its a case of doing 2 or 3 rounds of trebles then a row of crab stitch to finish it off.

After that its start all over again - got enough small balls to make a third one. Local hospital League of Friends sell them to raise funds.


Eliza I love Norfolk hope you will have a lovely time there. Your embroidery sounds interesting so looking forward to seeing pics.

I have dies for cutting out circles, hearts, hexagons and a few other shapes. Handy if you are doing a quilt and need a lot of same size and shape. Leaves more time to make it up.


Hope everyone has a super sunday


Take care

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afternoon from me, it's wet here too, we had Sun in the morning


Hope your aunt is ok Eliza, you don't need anymore hassle

Keep us up to date... your embroidery cushion sounds lovely already, I am sure it will work out with the seam on second one, you ways inspire us


Enjoy your quiet Sunday denise, great progress on the crochet blankets


Late night for you Tracey, hope your day goes as you want it

I am in cuppa mode and fabric cutting


With an extra BIG dog in the house (Ruth's dog) this weekend

We would have loved better weather, 12huge muddy paws make a lot of mess, they are all asleep at the moment,

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I'm back yet again. .my aunt is back at the care home..a bang on her head and bruising but okay.


We are not visiting her..hubby and offspring both have told me not to..she's well cared for...guess as I have just been told very firmly by my daughter time to look after myself and leave her to the place that is getting well paid...my aunt never wanted to know us in years past it's only in later years as she hasn't been able to go here there and everywhere. .my family are right but i still feel guilty...


Been knitting a bit..my shoulder is sore..think I jarred it when phone rang early hours ..I'm a bit dozy due to extra pain killers.


Sorry to moan. .watching Tour of Yorkshire. .glad I'm not out on North Yorkshire moors..looks very wet.


Keep crafting

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