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sunny Saturday

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Home from visiting my eldest daughter for our Saturday catch up its a lovely day here too, sunny but a bit chilly


Got my patchwork ruler delivered today ,and my cotton batting

So onto another quilt I think, got under the sea, novelty fabric for my grandson who is seven, will see if it's boyish enough once made up, anyone got any opinion on this one to help me, also got cosmetic picture fabric for 11year old granddaughter


Especially like the 3rd hoop Linda it's a change of craft


Eliza was thinking my craft room needs a clear out again, I wonder who leAves things lying out, surely not me!


Lisa my friend dyed my hair on Thursday and I don't like it

I usually go light blonde although many years now since I was natural blonde , however Ruth persuaded to try silver metallic blonde, it's grey , my own hair is almost white if left alone this is darker . I am scared to re dye as it's a metallic colour that's on and usual colour would have peroxide in it


Denise nice day for having sophie, she will get in the garden

Thank you for best wishes for Ruth


Eliza do your cushions I want to see them desperately


What can I use sharpies on? got a box of 28 pens from hubby yesterday, no ideas in my head though, suggestions please


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Love the pyrography work Lisa, it's looking good. My goodness Denise where do you get the energy from you are full of busy.


I did flatten another 120 bunting this mornings and made a lovely lamb casserole. Now for some Pinterest looking, although my daughter Jade face timed me this morning as it is her birthday on the first, she wanted a painting on wood of a griffin vulture , I remember watching the snooker championship in the hospital in 1984 between Jimmy White and Steve Davis. And she decided to be born . We have a turn around of dates she was born 1984 I


was born 1948 and my grandad was born 1894, all the same numbers.


Have a good the rest of the day.

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Love the weaving in hoops..saved the pic so I dont forget.


We go on holiday Friday so taking a cushion and threads with me..my idea is one embroidery and other ..hmmm not sure but don't want them same.


Lisa love your pyography..afraid art is not my talent I have to copy and then it's basic only.


I cleaned this morning as never got it done this week..then hubby knocked a hole in wall to take extractor in ground floor shower room which made a bit of mess but he cleaned it up...then I started breathing in dust..the filter on vacuum cleaner broke off..dust and dirt right thtough house.. cleaned some up but a lot still in the air.


Then checked meat for Sunday dinner. .out of date 2 days ago which was day I bought it..just eaten it now.


Laundry out..sunny ..turned my back and.boom..hailstorm.


Oh what a joyful day.


Sat watching tv now. Hope everyone ok

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I have had a lovely day crafting just going to have a couple of glasses of red wine while I watch Britons got talent.i have done some decoupage today using old music sheet I have stained it to make it look old.i also found some different wood and had anther go with the pyrography pen .lisax




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