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snowy Friday

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Got my fabric


How it was on roll dictated what I got and how cushions will be..was going to cost too much to get section I really wanted - however now I have it home I'm pleased I was sort of pushed towards this way.I'll post pic later.


Strange weather had to pass Leeds-Bradford airport..lots of snow .few minutes away on high ground and sunny..we have rain now.


Just watching tour de Yorkshire . . (Recorded)It's just gone through my sons village. .heavy rain and the cameras never showed him and his family. .how very dare they. !

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We've had a bit mixed weather too between rain hailstones and sunshine but mainly rain and the cold wind too.


Nothing too exciting had Sophie this morning. She now goes to nursery for 3 hours in the afternoon. When she comes home she always asks to come to mine. Depending on weather her dad brings her but not today - too cold and wet.


Been plodding on with my hooky squares and past 60 now. Found a bag of more yarn that I got free with my mags and looks as if there will be enough for a third squared blanket.  I am enjoying making them as they are solid squares as opposed to granny squares which does make a change.


Linda lion is beautiful - believe it or not Sophie loves lions - she has three at the minute.


Lisa pleased the link for machine was useful for you. Its where I got mine from. Linda and Suzy both have same machine as me but can't remember if I gave them link or not.


Eliza looking forward to seeing your pics - you are an inspiration


Su2ie did you get your net ?


Hope you all have a lovely afternoon and enjoy whatever you are doing.


Take care

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It's mad weather here today. From sunny blue skie to rain, wind and giant hailstones. It's back to sunshine.....for now. 😀

Liz - I have recovered from my jet lag now, and am back to normal. Thank you for asking. 😀

Have a lovely evening everyone. x

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glad you got fabric Eliza, cushions here we come


Is Sophie coping well with 3hours at nursery Denise

Is it 5days a week


Glad you have recovered Tracey, mil is such a distance away


Well Ruth surprised us a couple of hours ago when she appeared with an engagement ring on her finger, niamh spoiled the surprise slightly as she bounced in with a cygnet ring on her finger that Ruths partner had bought for her along with the engagement ring so that they included her in the occasion and so niamh announced we are getting married, bless her

They are off to tell his family this weekend so 360 mile round car journey , we have been left with their dog


I am finished my latest knee quilt it's 5ft x 4ft, will try to take pic over the weekend


Have a good weekend folks

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A quick one from me as I am watching a very good snooker game, just to say thank you for your comments on the lion, it Spurs me on to finish it tomorrow, and my avatar is a cougar I did on wood a couple of years ago. I love doing wildlife. Have a good evening.


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